Chapter 16

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The rest of my weekend was shit. Sunday; I layed in bed, doing nothing, my stomach ached from Vikki's heels. I was going back to school today, I was all ready and dressed, Austin was taking me to school with Tom, I was hoping today would go alright.

"Missed you, Shit Ocean your lip looks terrible, Good thing its on the other side to your piecing" James said. "Come on" He took my hand and we walked through the gates onto the field.
"Dont leave me today" I said. James stopped and put his hands round my waist, Josh trailed off infront.
"Course not Ocean, Im here for you" He said. We kissed gently and hugged. The bell rang for registration. I walked into the classroom with James, everyone stopped and starred. He sat on the other side of the room unfortunely.

The first lesson was history and i sat next to Ryan unfortunely. James sat behind me so he checked up on me a few times throught the lesson.  I turned round to face forward and started to write the note down from the board.
"Are you alright from the fight?" Ryan asked.
"Yeah" I said bluntly.
"Look i know you dont like me but i think you're quite cool and you and James are a good couple, I just wanted to say sorry for being so mean. I dont like Vikki anymore and im really sorry" He said.
I smiled at him,
"Thanks, I know you never meant any harm, it was always Vikki pulling you along like a puppy" I said.
The bell went for lunch finally and i sat at the top of the field with James, Libby and Josh. Ryan was walking towards us. James stood up.
"Mate, dont think thats a good idea" He said. I stood up too after him, I touched his arm.
"No, James its all good. Were okay now. He can stay" I say.
We all sat down and Ryan lit up a fag. He passed everyone one and we lit ours up one by one.

"Havent seen Vikki like all day" Libby said.
"Neither, maybe she got scared so she didnt come in" Josh luaghed.
"No, she is here" Ryan breathed out.
"Anyway, You lot going on that trip tomorrow?" James changed the subject.
"Im not" Josh said. Libby and Ryan both shaked their heads.
"Well Ocean is staying over mine, you all want to meet up at te skatepark or something tuesday?" James continued.
"Yeah mate, dont see why not" Ryan said. Libby nodded.
"Yeah that will be good. Im over at Josh's anyway so" She said. Josh nodded also.
"Well its sorted then" James said. He smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek.

As Vikki sat behind me, we could hear everything she was saying. She was talking about Ryan, Bitching about him being a backstabbing dick. She also spoke about me getting beaten up so much i cried like a baby.
"You alright, you were quiet at lunch" James turned to me.
"Yeah, im fine"  I said.
"You sure" He checked. I waited a while then finally replied.
"Im fine" I said.

At the end of school. Me and James went back to mine. Austin had waited in the car with Tom while i got all my stuff. I pakced my bag and said goodbye to Mum in her bedroom. Dad wasnt home yet. I walked downstairs with James. Before we went out the front door. James pulled me back, forcing me to drop my bag. He put his arms round my waist and links his hands. I put arms round his neck and pulled myself in that extra bit closer.
"So glad you're over tonight, mum and Lola have gone on a short holiday, all on my own. Feel kind of lonely" He says.
"Well babe, we wouldnt want that would we" I joke. He leans forward and kisses me gently.

We turn up at James's house and Austin holds him back for a talk while i stand a distance away. He passes him something then it my turn to have a chat. I walk up to the car.
"Text me if theres any problems or ring Dad, Also, dont let him pressure you into anythig you dont want. Like going out tonight or drinking, if you dont want to okay?"
"I know, I trust James bro, its all good" I say.  I step back and Austin and Tom drive off. I turn round to James, Run up to him and jump; He catches me.  I kiss him all over is face.
"Finally we're alone" James says. I freeze.. and stare past him. "Whats wrong" He says. I shake my head.
"Nothing, lets go"
Those words, exactly what i was told 2 years ago. All the same words.

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