Chapter 2

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  The next morning me and Libby woke up late.
"You two get up, fuck sake!" Austin shouted. 
"We are up, so piss off!" Libby shouts. I get out of bed and grab my clothes.
"I'll be about 20 minutes, so do'ya wanna get changed in here?" I ask.
"Yeah sure, also im gonna have to borrow your make-up..." She said.
"Anything else...My underwear?"  I joke.
"Nah, thats just weird"

After we were both got dressed, we both sat at my dressing table; straightening our hair.
"Did you hear about that fight?" Libby starts.
"No, what fight?"
"Vikki and Chloe, fighting over Josh, when all along he liked me" She continued.
"So are you two an item?" I ask.
"I guess you can call it that, I really like him and i hope it lasts"
"It will, and if he ends if in a week or so, Austin will beat him up" I joke. She laughs.
I pass Libby my make-up and she smiles.
"Thank you, I owe you" She says.

I stand in the kitchen, waiting for Libby and Austin to come down.
"You have your counselling tomorrow, have you been writing those diary entry's?" Mum asks, sipping her cup of tea.
"No, I thought i would just tell her about it or something, i cant express myself in writing anymore" I said.
"Yes but if she thinks its right to write down your feelings then do it" Mum said in anger.
"She said i can do whatevers best for me" I said.
"Dont you want to get better, be able to move on?!" Mum shouted.
"I thought you were on my side!" I scream. Austin comes running into the kitchen.
"Whats going on?" He asks. Libby close behind him.
"You need to move on!" Mum shouts.
"Its not that easy!!" I scream with tears running all down my face to my neck and on to my shirt.
Austin pulls me into him and hugs me,
"Ssshh, calm down, go upstairs" He whispers. He lets go. Me and Libby walk upstairs.
"You're our mum, try fucking understanding your kids!" I hear Austin shout.

"What was all that about" Libby asks.
"She just had a go at me for not writing those stupid diary entry's" I say.
Libby walks up to me and hugs me.
"Dont worry, You have me and Austin supporting you" She assures me. I smile.

Austin walked in soon after,
"We'll walk Libby to the bus stop, wait with her then we have somewhere to go, okay?" He asked.
I nodded my head.  "Then, i'll walk you to school afterwards" He added.
"Shall i tell the teacher you have a dentist appointment?" Libby asks.
"No, i rang them up and said she had a doctors appointment for her throat" Austin corrects her.  Libby nodds.
"Right come on, lets get going" I say. I grab my make-up bag and school bag and walk out of my room. 

We all wait at the bus stop, Austin on his phone, Libby finishing off her fag and me applying my make-up as it smudged earlier.  I see the bus coming round the corner, Libby throws a fag aside and steps on it.
"I'll see you at break" She says to me and hugs me.  "Austin see you later" She turns to him. He waves and walks over to me.
"Come on" He says. Libby steps on the bus and waves one last time.
Me and Austin walk the other way and down the road.

"Where are a we actually going?" I ask.
We turn round a corner.
"The skatepark?" I say.
"When was the last time we came here, sat on top of the ramps, waited until everyone left then finally got on our boards and shreaded the ramps?" Austin asks. I stay quiet. "Its been 4 months since we spent all our hours out here" He adds.
"Well its been difficult to come out of the house" I say.
"I know, but i'm always here, i wont let anything happen to you...again, I promise" he says. I smile at him.
"Thanks bro" I push him gently back, he laughs and hugs me.

Austin walked me to school and we sat and waited for break. As the bell went. Austin stood up.
"Right, I'll see you later sis, call me if theres any problems"
"Wait! Bro, are you not going to college?" I ask. He shakes his head and laughs.
"I quit, dont tell mum though" He winks and walks off.


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