Chapter 21

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A few days passed. Ryan, Libby, Josh, George, hadnt heard from any of them since they all came round. James was pleased, He liked it just me and him. School had come back around and it was a tuesday. Mum and Dad had invited me and James round after school. We said no. Austin has been missing, not repted missing but he has disappeared and no one knows where the fuck he is. 

"You ready for school babe?" James asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be I guess"
 The bell went for registration and I walked into the classroom with James. When I walked in, no one stopped and starred, everyone just stood chatting, fucking about like they normally used to but before I had the stares and laughing. It felt right just being normal.

"Ocean, shit, Im sorry I havent spoke to you in a while, Ive been so busy, I found out Vikki was lying, Im still with Josh" Libby says rushing over.

"Thats good, and its fine" I laugh.  We all take our seats as the teacher walks in. We all sit where we want so we all sat together. Me, Libby, James and Ryan. Josh wasn't in out class unfortunately.  As we all sat laughing waiting for the second bell, Libby walked over to us.

"Oh look its one big happy fucked up family, how are you Libby, hows Josh? And oh look, Ryan, you're more bitchy than any girl in the school." She said.

"Says you" Libby smirks.

"Ha, oh and lets not forget the happy couple aye. you guys are looking real cute. Whens the baby due?" Vikki laughs.

That comment, It hit me hard. I looked at James, He didnt say anything, he just looked at me. I shook my head, got up and left the room. I wanted to run, scream, but all I did was fast walk through the corridors. I heard my name being shouted, I didnt stop.

"Woah woah Ocean babe, slow down"  James grabs me from behind.
"No James, Im done, Im not staying" I say.
"Whats that supposed to mean?" He asks. I push him off.  I start to walk back.

"It means whatever you want it to mean".

I had been walking for hours. It must of been, Just going no where. following different roads.  I realized I didnt really know my own town. I was never allowed out after...After he raped me.  I found a park, on Hilton road, I had never come across it before. I sat on the swings, In my uniform still. I looked at my phone, it was on silent.
53 missed calls; James, Libby, Josh, Mum, Dad, Ryan.
24 messages; James, Mum, Libby.

Everyone was trying to get hold of me. I looked through all the messages, then turned my phone off to save the battery.

I looked in my bag. Books, Money, food, water, make-up bag, 3 fags, lighter and a pen.  I had hardly any gas left and £11.30. Great. I also had no where to go and didnt know how to get home. My only choice was to stay here for the night.

It must of been about 10pm now. I sat under a tree at the park, close to the climbing frame and swings. I found half a bottle of vodka earlier, I had a chocolate bar and half a bottle of water. Fuck, It felt like a serious bad camping holiday. I wasnt cold enough yet that I had to use my hoodie. I turned on my phone just to see what had been happening.

116 missed calls; James, Mum, Dad, Libby, Josh, Ryan, private number.
48 messages; James, Mum, Dad, Libby, Josh.
23 Voicemails, James.

I turned my phone back off and slipped it into my pocket. I stood up, everything was a blur. I couldnt stand up straight. I looked down, I couldnt remember cutting myself. Blood poured from my arm,the blade from my bag, the blood dripped everywhere. I hear someone talking. I looked around, someone was on their phone. He bumped into me, making me fall back. But he caught me.

"Woah sorry, watch where you're going" He said. Turning me round to face him. Me clinging on. He looked older, maybe a few years. "Ha, now whats a girl like you doing out here alone at this time, half drunk by looks of it?" He asked. I put my head in my hand.  I had no idea what was happening. The next thing I knew. I was up against the tree with his hands round my waist.

"Get off" I laughed. He unbuttoned my polo shirt and started to unzip my jeans. I found myself kissing him but pushing his hands away. He backed off and looked down.

"what the fuck?" He said. Blood all over him and puddles on the floor. I started to feel faint. I couldnt stay on my feet. I fell hard on the gorund. He came down to my level. I see James in the distance.

"Ocean!" I hear faint sceams. Libby's voice.

"Get the fuck away from her" I see James hit the lad..

My vision soon goes into blackness.  

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