Chapter 1

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I hate walking round a shop on my own. I had no clue where my mum was. She was there one minute, then the next she was gone. I looked round the whole of primark but she was no where to be seen. I hate losing people or being lost. Primark was packed full of people so i decided to step outside and ring her, which i didnt think of before.

Mum: 'Hello sweetie, where are you? I've lost you, You alright?'
Me: 'Mum, where are you i lost you. Im outside primark.' 
Our voices full of panic.
Mum: 'Stay there, I'm coming. Hold on'.
Me: 'Okay in a bit Mum, please hurry though'.

Minutes later mum came hurrying out of the shop with bags, she flung her arms round me.

"Im so sorry sweetie, I thought you heard me when i said i was going into the changing rooms" She said.
"I should of been listening" I said. She let go.
"Well come on, why dont we go get a coffee, yeah?" She suggested, I nodded with a smile.

We sat in the cafe, many bags round our table.
"Need anymore stuff?" A man laughed from behind us. I turned round. It was just my Dad, he came and sat with us.
"Well yes, We wouldnt have though if i couldnt find Ocean, we lost each other just now" Mum said.
"What? why what happened? You alright Ocean?" He asked turning to me.
"Yeah, I got a bit scared, but we found each other in the end" I smiled. Mum and Dad looked at each other for a long time.


When we all got home, i had the most best surprise of all. My best friend Libby, standing outside my house. Mum and Dad took all the shopping bags while i ran to Libby and hugged her.
"Oh god, someones happy to see me" She joked.
"Yeah, I have so much clothes we can try on" I said. She smiled.
"Morning Mr and Mrs Jones!" Libby shouted as they came walking up the path.
"Morning Libby, this is a nice surprise" Dad said. She nodded.
"Thought I'd come see the bestie" She said lively. Mum opened the door and we all piled in. Mum and Dad gave me my stuff and me and Libby went upstairs.

"Well, what are you really doing here?" I asked while i put my new clothes in the wardrobe.
"I wanted to come and see you" She smiled.
"No, you always want something..." I laughed.
"Well er, yeah" She started. I gave a her a confused look. "Well i'm running low, You know. My lighter" She said.
"Oh my god Libby" I laughed. I went over to my bed side draws and got out a lighter.  "Here keep this one" I said.  She took it.
"You have pretty much just saved me, thank you" Libby said. "So come on...wheres them clothes?" She asked. I laughed.
"Well i got something for you" I said. Libby's face lit up.
"You didnt have to, you cutie" She said.
I stood up and got out the present for her, it was placed in a select bag. She took it from me and took the piece of clothing out. It was a denim Jacket with gold studs on the collar.
"Aw, oh my god, i love it so much, Thanks Ocean!" She leaned forward and hugged me.
"Glad you like it" I said.

Watching films with Libby was something i enjoyed, we were able to talk about the film, or gossip about bitches at school, just get into a nice film. This time she chose a horror. Which we both loved. There was a knock that came to the door. It was Mum. I paused the film.
"You two okay?" She looked at the t.v. "Oh, lovely" She laughed.
"We're fine Mum" I said. Libby nodded.
"Staying for dinner tonight Libby?"
"Well Mrs Jones...I was wondering if i could stay the night, i know its school tomorrow, but my mum isnt able to drop me off and we havent got any homework...please?" Libby said innocently.
"I dont see why not...Sure, Your brother will be home soon Ocean"
"My mum will drop my stuff off in an hour that okay Mrs Jones?"
"Libby, call me Gina and yes thats fine, have fun ladies". Then she was gone. We carried on with the film.

"Dinner children!" My Dad shouted. Libby laughed,
"Do i look that young?"she said, walking out into the landing.
"No you retard" I joked. We walked downstairs and into the dining room. Everyone sat down.
"Where's Austin?" I asked. The frontdoor was then opened "Never mind" I said answering my own question.
"Hey everyone" Austin said. Libby waved while stuffing her face. Mum kissed him on the cheek as he took his palce at the table.

After dinner me and Libby went back upstairs, We got out the airbed and tried to think of ways to blow it up.
"I got it, we just use our mouths" Libby says.
"No that would take forever you hoe!"
"Oh...Football pump?" She asks.
"I dont think so, hang on. AUSTIN!" I shout. He comes in my room without his top on.
"Austin help us with this?" Libby says.
"But before you do, put a top on skinny!" I joke. He goes out but is soon back 5 minutes later carrying something.
"Air compresser" He says. He connects the wire to the plug in the air bed and in 2 minutes its done.
"Thank You" I say.
"You owe me, i was playing online, now im probably dead" He says seriously.
"Get over it" Libby winks.

Austin chucks a pillow at her and laughs as she screams. She picks it up and hits him with it several times, so he picks her up and over his shoulder. Spinning her round, I take a pillow and hit him, he drops her nicely and walks towards me and gets me in a headlock. Libby jumps on his back so he grabs her and me and chucks us onto my double bed.
"Can I go now?" He asks.
"Yeah you might be dead..." Libby says.
"Shit yeah!" He shouts and runs out slamming my door.
"I do love your brother" Libby says.
"I bet you do" I joke.


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