Chapter 5

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I sat at the table, eating my breakfast, i was all ready for school.
"This is unlike you sweetie" Dad said.
"How'd ya mean?"
"You're never up this early and well i dont ever see you in the morning" He said.
"I know, I just felt refreshed this morning and ready for the day. I have my counsellor meeting so i guess im just happy and ready to get some shit of my chest" I say. He smiles. He takes a seat at the table. Mum shortly walks in.
"Morning all" She says. She kisses Dad on the cheek. "Up ealry, any reason?" She turns to me.
"Just feeling refreshed, like i said to Dad" I say. She frowns. Austin walks in and takes his seat at the table.

"We're going now!" Austin shouts. Mum doesnt reply. "Bye" He adds. Still no reply. "Moody cow" He whispers. I step outside into the fresh air. I walk over to Tom's car and jump in the back. Austin gets in the front.
"Any shit today, ring me" He says. "I dont want you getting upset again, i want you to learn in school, not hide away. Libby has my number too so any problems, I'll know about it, also, Me and Tom are taking you to your meeting after school, Mum doesnt seem interested today, The bitch, but dont worry, dont mind her" He adds. I stay quiet, just looking out the window.
We soon pull up at the school.
"Thanks Tom" I say, I get out and talk through the car window.
"Remember what i said" Austin reminds me.
"I know I know, thanks bro, see ya later" I say. Libby walks over.
"You coming?" She asks. I nodd. Tom drives off as me and Libby head into through the school doors.

Maths is first and we're told not to sit down just yet.
"we have someone moving into our set so we're going to have a move about in the seating plan" The teacher says as the class groan. "James, is going to be joining us" He adds. I sigh.

James, fucking James, I have had small crush on him for ages and after last night i dont think he wants to even look at me let alone be in my maths class.

We all  line up at the back, waiting for the teacher to gives us our seats.
"James, here and Ocean next to him"
Great, wow. it just had to be me"
"Good luck, dont catch anything" I hear from behind me. Vikki. I take my seat next to James. The teacher carried on.
"Watch out, she'll want to lose her v to you James" Someone else says. Everyone laughs.
"Quiet!!" The teacher shouts.
We were half way through the lesson when James actually spoke to me.
"I like your lip piercing" He says. I blush.
"I like yours too" He had a lip ring.
"Thanks" He laughs. "I've seen you around a lot, you get so much shit everyday. oh and my mates yesterday..."
"No oh, dont worry about it. Its fine" I say.
"You're so quiet when you talk" He says. "Its cute"
"Thanks, i just like to keep my head down" I say.
The bell goes for next lesson. urgh!
"Well see you around Ocean" He says. I wave.

The day had gone so slow but finally it was lunch and i was heading to the field to meet Libby.
"Oi, skank!" I hear. I look around and stop. "Yes you, who the fuck do you think you are, talking to James, You know we used to be together and we're getting together again, so you have no chance" She spits.
"He only sits next to me in maths, chill" I say.
"Dont tell me what to do. You piece of shit!" Vikki pushes me about. I try to 'fend her off. She grabs my arms and pushes me into the nearest cupboard. I try shouting but no one is around.
"UGLY BITCH!" Vikki screams. She slams the door and i hear a lock. I bang on the door and try to open it.
"Someone help me!!" I scream. Tears start to roll down my face. "Get me out of here!!!" My voice shaking...

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