Chapter 22 - Flashback

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1 new message; Luke.
Babe, come over, free house x

Maybe he wanted to say sorry for hitting me...
I replied instantly. Of course I wanted to go.

I hurried over to his house. I knocked on the door a few times and waited. The door opened slowly.

"Ocean babe, come in" He said. He closed the door behind me and put his arms round my waist from behind and kissed my cheek. I giggled.

"So where are your parents?" I ask.  He took my hand and pulled me upstairs.

"They went out for a few drinks, wont be home until later". We walked into his room and sat on the bed. He grabbed a beer off the side and turned to me.  "Want one babe?". I thought about it and shook my head. "Well do you at least want a sip of mine?".

In the end I nodded. I took the bottle from him and took a sip. It tasted funny, but it was alright.  I smiled at him.

"Thats my girl" He said. He pushed me gently on the bed and hovered over me. "Im sorry about the other night, I didnt mean to hurt you and everything else baby, You know I love you, I just get angry" He said softly.

"I know, I love you too" I said.  He kissed me a couple of times until moving towards my neck. He trailed his hands towards my shorts and started to un-do the buttons. I pulled away.

"Whats wrong? Are you frigid?" Luke laughed.

"No, You just know I dont want to" I say.

"Oh come on, Its just a bit of fun, it doesnt hurt" He said.

He strongly fought to put my arms above my head to hold them there, While kissing my neck, I tried to kick him off. I didnt know what to do. I tried screaming but he covered my mouth. Amounts of tears fell from my eyes.

"Just trust me" He said. I moved around fiercefully.

"No Luke, please!" I screamed.

He grabbed the bottle of beer and poured it down my throat. I started choking, coughing. He took a sock and placed it in my mouth, He held my arms strongly pressed against the bed above my head. I tried to scream as he pulled down my shorts. I closed my eyes not thinking about it. I let out so many tears. He was so heavy on me and forcefully kept pushing me down as I tried to move.

My eyes shut tight. I sang a song in my head; blocking it out.

I felt so weak. He stopped and brought his lips to my cheek, I opened my eyes.

"I love you, dont forget that" He whispered.

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