Chapter 13

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I've never had anyone do that to me. Kiss me then tell me 'its their way of showing they care'. I didnt know what to say back or how to react.
"You used to walk past me and laugh, call me names, remember? we were like 10" I said.
"Its all changed now, Ocean, Im old enough to know I was wrong about you, You're funny, smart, cute, I've never felt so comfortable round a girl before" James answered. He said all the right words. Those perfect, sweet words.

"I've liked you since i was 12" I confessed.
"You have? And you still like me?" James asks, confused.
"Course I do, I wouldnt of come here if i didnt. You're the bad boy of the school. I didnt think I would ever talk to you. You were always with the mean girls. Vikki, Ashley. You hang round with people like Ryan. He makes fun of everyone, he never stops calling me names. How could I be round you with those people about? People would start to lose repsect for you if i got to know you. I dont want that to happen to you. You'll lose your mates" I protest.

He thought for a minute and then walked closer towards me.
"Ocean, never did i think i would find someone like you, The way you dress, Your lip piercing matches mine, Your hair, You can ride a bmx and skateboard. You're perfect" He says. I smile at him. This time, without hesitation, I lean forward and kiss him gently on the lips.  "I want to be with you James" I say.
He looks at me for a moment.
"I want you too, we can make it work. I promise. My mates will have to accept you, We'd be great together" James says. I nodd my head.

I woke up the next morning. I lay half on James. I remember last night, Me and James just layed together, talking about anything and everything. It was perfect.
"Morning beautiful" James says slightly turning  to pull me in closer.
"Morning, what are the plans for today?" I asked.
"What do you wanna do then?" He asked.
"I dont mind, Could go into town or something?" I suggest.
"Sure, okay. Libby and Josh too?"
"Alright, yeah".

We all stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus, we were pretty early so we knew we would be waiting for a while. James grabbed my hands and pulled me back, he put his arms round my neck as we watched the traffic.
"Wait, are you two...are you actually?" Libby said. We looked to her and i nodded.
"congrats bro" Josh said to James.
"Cheers man, Libby, You look excited?" He laughed.
"Ocean, You've wanted this for so long girl. Im so happy for you" She said.
"I know I know" I laughed.

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