Chapter 20

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We both decided we werent going to go to the party at the park. There was no point. So instead, we were inviting people over to the house. Libby, Josh, George and Ryan.  George was a close friend of James which we got along quite well anyway.

"Im off to the shops" James said, pulling on his top.

"Okay, I'll choose a movie and get some duvets down" I say.

"Will you be alright on your own?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine, dont worry" I say. I lean forward and kiss him.

"Okay babe, in a bit". He says. Then he's gone.

I place the pizza's in the oven, bring the duvets down and place some pillows on the floor. I get out a horror film and put it in the dvd player. I sit on the sofa waiting for James to come home.

"Babe" I hear. I stand up and go to the door, James in now walking in.

"Hey, what did you get?" I ask. I follow him into the kitchen. He unpakcs the shop bag. He pulls out alcohol, chocolate, and sweets.

"Also" He starts. He pulls out 3 energy drinks for me.  "I know you dont really want to drink so.."

"Thankyou babe" I say. I wrap my arms round his neck. He goes to kiss me but i pull away to tease him and laugh. I go forward and kiss him. He takes all the food and drink into the living room while i check the pizza's.

5 minutes later, everyone started to turn up. They all sat in the living room while me and George, plated up the pizza's.

"Want me to cut them up?" He asked. I nodded.

"Cheers" I said. I got out the plates while George cut them into slices. We placed them on the plates carefully and took them into the living room. James puts on the film while we all sat round. 

"Wheres your bathroom?" George asks.  I look about., No ones paying attention. 

"I'll show you, come on". I carefully walk round everyone and lead George upstairs "Here you go" 

"Thanks" He smiles.  I smile back gently and walk down stairs. 


The film had finished and the boys had joined together to play the xbox. Me and Libby sat on the kitchen surfaces, eating the left over sweets. 

"You've got to be fucking joking me" Libby says. 

"Whats wrong?" 

"Look what ive just seen" Libby says. Coming over to show me her phone. 
It was Vikki's facebook status saying how happy she is. The comments underneath were the confusing parts. 

"Josh is sleeping with Vikki?!" I whisper loudly. 

"Why would he do this to me?" Libby says. Libby's face soon turned red in anger when it finally clicked that Josh could be cheating on her. 
Next thing I know, Libby's storming into the livingroom. 

When we walk into the living room Josh stands up to greet Libby.
"Whats up baby?"

She leans forward and slaps him, I pull her back as she goes to push him.

"How could you!" She shouts "You're sleeping with Vikki you cunt". Her face drenched in tears. 

"What, Libby, babe, I'd never do that" He says. 

"You lying twat, Ocean get off me" She says, Pushing me back. 

"Woah, Libby watch it" James says. Libby looks round to everyone. She grabs her bag and walks out. Josh chases her with Ryan not far behind. 

"I better go keep the peace with Ryan, thanks for having us over" George says.  We both smile at him and say goodbye. Then hes gone. 

"That escolated quickly, You alright?" James says pulling me in for a hug. He kisses my head. 

"Yeah, We better clean up, come on" 

While cleaning up. James turns round to me.

"Do you really think hes cheating on her?" He asks. 

"I honestly dont know, I never liked him very much anyway" I say. 


After cleaning up, I walk upstairs leaving James to get some drinks to bring up.  I go into the bathroom and did what i craved that night, The whole night reminded me of him, Then the accusations of the cheating, He accused me once. It ended with a bruised neck.  I took the blade out of my make up bag and placed it on my skin, Making long cuts across my lower arm. 

"Ocean" I hear with a couple of knocks on the door.

"Now coming out" I say. I dab some tissue on my arm, which didnt help at all. Put the blade back, Roll down my jumper sleeve and unlock the door. James is standing outside, leaving against the opposite wall. 

"Let me help you" He says. He walks into the bathroom, pulling me back in and sitting me down on the edge of the bath. He takes off my jumper. 

"I know you're not stupid I just, i dont know" My voice trailed off. 

"We have some mini bandages, Its okay" He says. He take my arms and cleans it with water and tissue, He gets the bandage and wraps it round my 6 deep cuts. With the blood all on his hand and dripping down, he gets some white tape and wraps that round too. 

"Here you go" He says and smiles. 

"I love you" I say. He takes my arms round his neck and wraps my legs round him, He picks me up and takes me into the bedroom, he lays me on the bed and hovers over me. 

"I love you too"  He finally says. He kisses me slowly and stands up. We both get ready for bed, It was too hot to wear anything but i felt like i needed too. 

"I dont care Ocean, Id rather you be happy than hide anything from me" He says. 

I take off my top and jeans and he does the same. We cuddle in bed until i hear him finaly drift off into sleep. I sit up and walk over to the window, looking out to the stars. I sigh loudly and walk over the James' sofa, taking my phone off charge from the plug and reading my messages. 

6 unread messages

I read them all and sit back. The last thing i see is James picking me up and moving me onto the bed.

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