Chapter 9

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I stood in the cold, waiting, James had dropped his fucking key.
"Have you found it yet? i'm freezing" I laugh.
"Yeah, i got it, come on" He says while opening the door.  I finally walk in to warm air. Almost feels like home, but better.
"We'll go upstairs, Mum will bring the dinner up" James says. He takes my bags from me and I follow him upstairs.
His walls are full of family pictures, my house is neat, bare, full of nothing. He opens his bedroom door.

"You alright to sleep on the air bed, or do you want me to?" He asks.
"Such a gentleman for asking, I dont mind" I laugh.
"We'll decide later" He says. His phone buzz's for the sixth time.
"Told you, you were popular" I joke.
"Its your brother, asking how you are" He laughs.

I've never felt so awkward. James is the bad boy of the school yet he wanted me at his house. The unpopular, ugly one. But I'm here. At James's house. in his room. I wanted to scream, shout. Cry. All this excitment.
"What film do you fancy watching?" James asked.
"I dont mind, Horror?"
"Finally a girl who doesnt want to watch a romance" He smiles. I laugh.
"And You dont have to pull me in for a hug when I get scared, coz i never do" I laugh.
"What if i wanted just a hug?" He smirks.
I grab a pillow and chuck it at him.
"Then hug that" I say with a smile.

Text from Libby:
Heard you're with James, at his house ahh, you must feel
so special;) have fun, School's been shut for the rest of the
week ahahaha. meet me and Josh tomorrow with
My reply:
Thanks for telling me and eekk, i know. Im at the bad boys
house Libby!!!! and sure i will ask James if he fanices meeting

Half way throught the film, James brought in drinks and snacks. He say down next to me.
"Can I ask you a question?"
"Assuming its personal...But yeah okay, go ahead" I say.
"Are you really a virgin?" He asks slowly.
I had no clue what to say, do, think. I was so confused. Do i even trust him.
"Sorry, its too personal" He suddenly says.

The film had finished and James suggested we go out to the shops.
"But its freezing out" I explain.
"You can borrow my jacket"
"Okay but my brother doesnt like me going out and-"
"I checked with him and he said its fine"

I was standing on the back of James's bmx, holding on for my life. My arms round his neck and my face to the side of his face,
I'm touching him. Actually touching him.
We stopped outsdie a shop.
"wait with my bike?" James said.
"No, cant i come in with you?" I asked. 
James was about to talk but his mates started to shout his name.

"James, mate, you coming?"
"No, Im-"
"He's hanging out with me" I blurt out. James looks at me and smiles.
"Yeah, Im with her" He goes with it.
"Wait, you two an item now? You're with virgin girl"
I look to James. He winks and leans forward.
His lips touch mine.
He kissed me.

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