Chapter 4

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.Me, Austin and Libby; all dressed and changed, got some drinks and snacks and sat and waited in the living room for Tom to show up.
"Promise me if you see Ryan or Vikki you wont kick off" I whisper as Mum was in the kitchen just in the next room.  Libby and Austin both look at me and then to each other.
"I promise that if she starts i will start" Libby smiles. I give her a look, but she looks away and to Austin. I look to him too.
"Well?" I prompt.
"I promise" He says. I breathe out slowly. Good.

Tom soon shows up. Mum comes into the living room and see's we all have our boards out.
"Ocean, I thought you werent going out there anymore" She says. No smile on her face.
"Mum I'm with 4 other people, chill out" I say.
"Chill out? I only care for you Ocean"
"When the fuck have you bothered to care for me. Locking me away isnt caring. I want to be able to do things with my family and friends, but you just keep me in this house an-"
"Ocean! I didnt want you to get hurt did I? I didnt tell that person to hurt you, i tried to help you!" Mum shouted. I stepped back. Austin walked infront of me.
"Come on guys, we're leaving. Tell Dad we've gone to the skatepark. Call me when dinner is ready" He says to Mum.
One by one, we all walk out.

When we got to the skatepark, it was dead.
"Whole place to ourselves" Libby says. I look at her and wink. Me and Libby run to the biggest ramp with our boards. Go to the top of the ramp and stand there for a while. I look down. Austin watching me from the floor. Tom saying something to him. Libby touches my arm.
"I aint done this in ages". I shake my head.
"Me niether" 
I look down the ramp. And then drop. Me and Libby both go at the same time.  I hear Austin shout.
"Go Ocean!" I shread the ramp, for ages. When i stop. I run to Austin.
"How did i do?" I ask.
"Just like old times" He says.  I smile.
I look to the gate, Josh, Libby's boyfriend is walking up the path.
"Libby!" I turn to her, she stops skating. I point. She starts running my way, she goes past me and jumps on Josh.
They walk over.
"We're going back to yours to get my stuff and then Josh is going to walk me home" Libby says.
"You could of stayed another night, you're always welcome" I say. She nodds.
"I know, cheers" . She steps forward and hugs me. "See you at school" She adds, then hand in hand her and Josh walk off together. I stand with Austin and Tom.


We're walking home when Austin stops and says he needs some more fags. Him and Josh go inside.
"Dont be long" I say.
"Well come in with us" Tom says.
"Err, well I'll be alright, I'm only here" I say. They both disappear into the shop.  I stand alone.

3 minutes later im still standing on my own. I'm about to walk in when i see bad boy James walks by. His mates start laughing. He goes past starring at me. He smiles. I smile back.
"You on your own?" He says.
"My inside" I say.
"I wouldnt talk to her mate, she's got aids"
"No she's a virgin" I hear whispers from everywhere.  James laughs. I look away. Austin and Tom come walking out.
"Who the fuck are they?" Austin says. James looks to me as if to say sorry. They walk off. "You alright, did they say anything?" he adds. I stay quiet.  "Ocean?"
"A couple of boys said about me being a virgin and then having aids" I say. A tears runs down my cheek.
"Dont worry, im taking you to school tomorrow anyway. Tom is coming to pick us up" He says. He hugs me, Tom joins in.
"Everything will be fine soon" Tom says.

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