Chapter 7

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The next day. I woke up quite early. I sat up in bed for a while. I got out my phone, 28 missed calls from Libby. Fuck sake! I ring her back but she doesnt answer.

Theres sudden knocks at the door. Austin walks in.

"School's closed. Mum got a text, some windows have been smashed in" He said.
"Oh, cool" I laughed. "Austin fancy, maybe, going down the skatepark?" I ask.
"Theres going to be so many people there though sis" He said, with that concerned look.
"Thats why me, you, Tom, we all go down, who cares who we see there, whether we see Vikki, anyone" I said.  He smiled.
"You're so strong Ocean" He said.
"No, You are, You've been through so much. I wasnt even there when...You know but im sorry and i know-"
"Austin, You were there when i needed you, You helped me, I couldnt ask for a better brother" I interuppted. He smiled.
"Well come on, get changed" He said.

The skatepark was full of people. Including Vikki and her friends.

"Just stay close to me and Tom, dont go walking off" Autsin said.
"I wont" I edge closer to him. We all walk to one of the ramps, we look about, no free ones. But we hear shouting.
"Ocean, Ocean!"
We all spin round. James was standing at the top of a ramp, everyone was now leaving.
We walked over as he walked down to meet us.

"Whats going on?" Austin asks. 
"Just saw you looking about for somewhere to shread, I only bmx but we can do both on this ramp" James said.
"But what about your mates?" Tom asked. "They coming back?"
"Nah, They made Ocean feel uncomfortable, and she's can skateboard better than them lot anyway, no point wasting the ramps" James laughed.
"Thanks" I say. I walk to the top of the ramps.

"You coming up?" I shout.
"In a bit, You go ahead" Austin shouts. I still look at him, he's talking to James and Tom, they keep looking up. I look about... Vikki heading this way.
"Ocean, whats up?" James shouts.
I grab my board, and run down the ramp carefully, going towards Austin. He meets me half way.

"Whats going on?" He asks.
"We need to go please, we need to go back home... please" I panic.
"Look, she's coming, please, we have to go" I was already starting to walk off but Jmaes had pulled me back.
"Woah, Ocean"
"Let go of me" I start to cry.

"Look what we have here, get the fuck off my boyfriend!" Vikki shouts.
By this time people are starting to crowd us. I stand with James, Autsin and Tom.
"And you're here coz?" Austin says.
"Ha, Im sorry, who the fuck are you?"
"Ocean's brother, so stand down, before you finally get whats coming to you" He says.
"a whole week im not allowed back to school, because of this bitch"
"You locked her in a cupboard!" James shouts. "You're the bitch and we're not even together, so go fuck someone else, I've never wanted you" He adds.
Everyone laughs. Vikki frowns, going red, but soon a smile comes back to her face, goes to the nearest bench and stands on it.

"To everyone who doesnt know, Ocean, Is a virgin, there may be many rumours, she's a slut...but really she hasnt been fucked. She hasnt even had a boyfriend, 16 year old virgin"  She shouted. Everyone laugh, pointed. I cried more.  I started to walk back, turned round and ran. I ran down the path and out of the skatepark.

I started to slow down, I turned a corner, to see right infront of me. Vikki's cousin Max. I turn back around.
"Oi, Dont even move, come here" He said. His mates were drinking. I could tell this wasnt going to go down well. "Well, you must er be the one i er saw the picture of on facebook. My my cousin told me everything about you, maybe you should leave her alone at sssschool" He adds, his voice slurred.
"She's the one that makes my life hell" I blurt out.
"You w-wanna say that again" Max edges closer. The vile smell of vodka burnt my nose. He grabbed my wrist.
"Ouch, get off me" I scream. "Help"
He comes closer. forcing me to the wall.
"You tell me, will leave my cousin alone and i will let go"
I try to kick him. He goes to hit me, i close my eyes.

"Dont fucking touch her. Move away now".
I open my eyes. James. I'm freed. I run to James and into his arms.
"James, we're only p..p..playing mate. Hows you and my cousin?" Max slurrs
"Move along Max" He orders. They start to walk off.
"I will...get you O..Ocean" He says. Then they're gone. I look up at James. Then all the tears burst out. He hugs me tighter.

"Come on, why dont you come back to mine, I'll ring Austin, tell him, come on"
"No, I cant I-"
"You have no where to go and i dont think you want another encounter with Max" He takes my hand and pulls me along. I finally give in and walk with him.

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