Chapter 18

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 I woke up next to James, I remember we just cuddled in bed. I rolled over on to him and laughed as he woke up. My phone vibrated on the side. James leaned to the side to grab it, with me still on top of him.
From Austin:
I'm coming to get you in a minute, so get dressed and ready.
Mum&Dad have called a family meeting, with your counsellor and James if he
wants to join. I don't know whats going on but mum doesn't seem happy:Lxx

To Austin:
Okay, need to get changed

We turned up outside the house and sat in the car for a while.
"Don't worry, I'm on your side" Austin said. I wasn't paying attention. "Sis" He said, clicking his fingers.
"What?" I said.
"You ready to go" He asked. I nodded and opened the door. I noticed Libby's skateboard in the window. They're all here.
"Well, I called us together, so we could get things straight on Ocean's past" Mum said.
   "Clearly something you cant deal with or ever understand" Austin said. Libby laughed but tried to hold it in. 
    "No one will ever understand Austin, What happened to Ocean was a very big deal and can scar a person for life emotionally and it happened at such a young age" My counsellor said. 
   "Why are we even having this meeting, we don't need it" I said.
"You need help Sweetie" Mum said.
   "I have all the help i need, James, Libby, my family"
"Well James doesn't even know" Mum said.
    "I told him last night, I trust him, you may not but i do" I said.
"And you think that was wise?" Mum shouted.
   "Don't shout at her when all she did was confide in someone!" Said Austin.

"Look, you may not like me but i love Ocean and yes she means the world to me, I would never ever tell anyone about this, Its disgusting what happened but she is trying to move on" James said calmly.
"You have no part in this!" Mum screamed. "You don't understand what happened to her" She added.
"Ocean comes to us when she wants something, surely she would go to her mum but she doesn't, she trust us more than you. We care more than what you do. Don't you ever fucking say no one understands her when you have no clue what goes on at school or anything!" Libby shouted.

"How dare you come into my house and shout at me. Ocean is my daughter!"
"Yeah...But i bet you've never seen her scars or asked to look. I bet you're so afraid to let her walk round in shorts and in just a short sleeved top. When she told me last night, It felt like a nightmare, But its true. I haven't left her or spread it all over the internet. Instead i let her be herself round me" James said.
"Why would i want to the see scars, they're horrible and every time i see them, it will just remind me of that time she didn't listen to me about being with an older boy" Mum said.

"What gives you the right as a mum to blame your own daughter for getting raped. She didn't ask for it. She didn't want it to happen. But it did. She could of not told us and we wouldn't be here now, would we? She would of still been carrying on with that past but on her own, Without support But she has it from us. All of us, apart from you. You have never sat down with her and had a talk, You come across as the caring mum but you're nothing" Austin said.

"You think that of me? Then you have no right to live here anymore". Libby looked to me, shocked.
"Well if he's not going to be living here. Neither am I" I stood up and said. Mum looked at me.
"Ocean, You need protecting!" She shouted.
"I'm 16, I can do what i like. I'm not stupid. I might of been raped but i haven't lost my intelligence, I know what I'm doing" I said. 

"Then you can come live with me. Mr Jones, Ring the delivery lorry company, Ocean's moving all her stuff" James said. I looked to him.
"Do you really mean it?" I asked.
"Yep, bring everything, apart from your bed. My rooms big enough for your wardrobe and desk, etc." He stood up. "As long as you're sure" He said.  I leaned forward and kissed him.
"Yes, yes thank you so much!" I said excitedly.

"Hold on, Ocean, If you're ready to leave and you Austin, If you want to move out then you have a parent permission. You have your freedom. No need for a lorry, I will get the trailer attached to my work van and we can go from there. But on one condition. You see us, once a week, both come over for a meal after school, and you move houses at the end of the week. You can have Friday off to start moving" Dad said.

Before i could speak my counsellor spoke.
"Ocean, Are you ready to move out, ready to move on, start again? Fresh start"
"Im ready, also...Mum, I hate you, I hate what you've done to me" I paused, sniffing and wiping my tears "You kept me in here, I didn't get to know people, I didn't have the chance to meet people, understand that not everyone was bad. Then I met James, He's opened up a whole new world for me. I know he isn't like that, I know he's different" I breathed out slowly..."When i was 14, I was mentally and physically abused. I was raped by a 16 year old boy. Im emotionally and physically scarred" I said.

By this time, everyone crying apart from Mum.
"I would like you all to leave, whether you go upstairs or go out completely. All of you. Go" She said.

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