Chapter 8

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"Make yourself at home" James says as he shuts his bedroom door. I take a seat on his desk chair. He sits on his bed and opens a can of coke.
"Do you want a drink?" James asked.
"No, Thank You" I smile. "James...why are you so kind to me?" I ask.
He sips his drink. "Everyone deserves a break" He says.
"You just, get a lot of trouble and no offence but Libby cant do anything against Vikki or any boy" He says.
"But you're the popular one, everyone wants your attention. Im not seeking for attention James"
"I know, but you seem so scared, what is it that your hiding?" He says slowly. I go to speak but i cant.
"I...why would i tell you, what makes you think that i turst you?" I say. He shruggs.
"Theres just something about you Ocean"

I look around his room. My phoen vibrates in my pocket.
Where are you Ocean, Lets meet? xox -Libby. I text back.
I'm busy atm, meet another time sorry xxx

"Maybe its time i go" I say,
"Well wait, why dont you come over tonight, we could get to know each other" He asks.
I laugh. "Whats so funny" He laughs too.
"I've havent been to a sleepover since-" I stop.
"Since what?"
"Huhh nothing" I laugh. "But yeah, I'd love to, I'll go home and get some stuff together" It goes silent for a while.
"Why dont you walk me and then wait for me to get my stuff?"  I suggest.
"I'd love to" He says.

We're walking down the street when we see James's Mum and sister. His sister runs up to him. He picks her up.
"James is this your girlfriend?"
"Lola, dont be so rude" James's mum says.
"No, she isnt my girlfriend, Its Ocean my friend" James corrects.
"Its nice to meet you, Lovely name, Im Sarah, James's Mum obviously" She says. She sound posh.
"Its nice to meet you too and thank you" I say.
"Can Ocean stay over tonight, its just she's had trouble with Vikki?" James explains.
"That girl causing trouble again, you two should stay away from each other. But sure, Ocean is welcome to. Its now six so we should get home, put dinner on and then i will see you two later" Sarah says.
James places Lola down. and waves.  I wave too.

I step through thre front door.
"What are you doing? come on" I say. James carefully steps through and into the hallway.  Austin come down the stairs.
"You two alright?" He asks. I nodd.
"James, why dont you go upstairs, um go chill with Austin while i talk to my mum and Dad" I suggest.
"Yeah course, James, mate come on" Austin prompts.
They both walk upstairs. I take a deep breath and whistle my way into the kitchen.

"Mum, Dad, I was wondering if i could stay at a friends tonight?" I ask.  They both look up. Shocked.
"Well honey this is such a huge step, does Austin know this person?" Dad asked.
"He's actually upstairs with Austin" I laugh. Dad smiles.
"Well thats go so i dont see why not. Sure" He says.
"A boy?"
"Yes" I said
"Do whatever you like, I dont care anymore Ocean" She said. She walked out. I didnt follow, but i went upstairs and went for the right thing to do.

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