Chapter 11

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I opened my eyes slowly. Looking at the ceiling of James's room. I sat up.
"Morning" James said, making me jump. I turn round, He's already dressed. Skinny jeans, t-shirt, jumper, shoes.
"Morning" I smile. I stand up carefully and grab my bag. "Um, James, I couldnt borrow one of you tops or something for today could I?" I ask. James laughs.
"Over there, top draw" He says. I smile inside. I walk over and pick a top.

I was walking to the side of James on his bmx. Libby was getting my skateboard from my house.
"You can jump on the back if you want" James said.
"No, no, i dont mind walking. Here stop and i will take your bag" I said. He stopped and took his bag off his back.
"Cheers" He said while passing it over to me. I placed it on my back and we set off again.

We got to the bridge and Libby and Josh were already there. I went over to Libby and hugged her.
"Tell me everything" Libby whispers.
Josh and James biked infront and me and libby were behind on our boards.
"Well come on, what happened?" Libby said passing me a fag.
"We watched a couple of films" I said, lighting it.
"Thats it?" She smiled.
"Okay...Okay so we kissed...twice, but it wasnt what i wanted, it was full on, He grabbed my wrists and-"
"You kissed...wait, Did he hurt you?" Libby asked. She stopped on her board and picked it up, so i did the same.
"No not at all. He asked me loads of questions that were... personal"
"Did you answer them?" She asked.

We ended up going to the park, we started off in the kids part with the baby swings. Libby jumped in and sat down. Josh went behind her and pulled the swing right back. I watched from the slide.
"Josh dont!" She screamed in laughter. He let go and she went flying.  "Ah shit, this hurts" She cried. I laughed inside.
"Ocean, come on, we're going to the zip wire" Libby said.
"You need to get out first" I joke. She struggles her way our with Josh's help while I sit down, ready to go down the slide. James comes up behind me.
"You going?" He asks.  I slide down and stand up, suddenly im falling back onto the slide. But really, Im on top on James.
"Sorry" He says. I stay laying there.
"No problem" I joke. Libby comes over and pulls me up.

We go over to the zip wire.
"You first" Libby says to me. I climb the stairs to the top while Josh grabbed the wire. I took it from him.
"Thanks". Im about to sit on it when James comes up behind me.
"Wait" he takes it from me and jumps on. "Come on" He prompted.
"What? I cant sit on you" I say.
"Libby said you wouldnt of gone, You're scared of heights". I looked down and saw her smiling at me.
"Oh right". I sit facing the same direction as James and wrap my legs round the chain.
"You holding on?" James asked. He was about to push off from the backboard.
"Wait, you have hold of me right?" I ask. I was shaking, i knew i was going to fall off.
"I have you, ready.." James says. And then we go. Im screaming, my hair blowing everywhere. Im holding on for my life. James is laughing, We come to the end and it knocks the stopper, forcing us to suddenly pull the other way. Im scared even more but i feel James tighten his grip, We slowly and gradualy come to an end and stop. 
"How the fuck are we meant to get off?" I ask. James laughs.  

It was getting close to dinner, we skipped lunch, but i wasnt feeling hungry. James insisted we headed back. Mum suggested i stay another night, Austin had gone out too, I have that feeling...Mum and Dad had been fighting...again.
"Have you got any fags, Im out and Libby took my pack?" I asked James, as we were waking home.
"Um" He went through his pockets. "Think i have some at home".

It was silent from then on. Didnt talk at all.

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