Three weeks of training passed by quickly, I've gain so much weight from all the working out they make us do, and so much experience. Robur has grown a lot in size, he's now two and a half feet high at the shoulders and is gaining weight at a steady pace.

Half way through class, Mr. Smith pulled me aside.

"Livia, you are one of my best students." I nodded along, unsure where this was going. "A student has fallen ill and can't accompany their group on a quest. Would you like to take her place?"

"Uh.. Of course!" I said with a smile.

"Perfect, you leave in the morning, meet them here with your thing and dragon when the roster crows." I nodded and went back to training.

That night I was too excited to eat or sleep. I laid in bed for hours until I fell asleep.

I woke up super early, grabbed my things and headed to the arena. I quickly tacked up Fiona, Beau promised to work with Robur to maintain the training I have completed. I was nearly running with Fiona to the arena, there was already nine others standing around waiting with Magister.

"No! Not her!" I heard a familiar voice yell out in protest.

"Livia is just as qualified as you are Ryder." Magister said, Ryder tired to speak up but Magister raised his hand and silenced Ryder.

"Come on Ryder, she'll be use full." A kind looking girl spoke up.

She walked over to me and extended a hand. I shook it and introduced myself.

"I'm Jaycee, ignore him, he's been super grumpy for a while." She said. Her Ligna was sniffing Fiona. "Oh and this is Christof."

I was introduced to the rest of the group and Magister sent us on our way. Our quest is to head to the south, past the village to the lake. A lager Acquas is preventing people and animals from getting water and we are suppose to capture it, unless in an extreme case kill it.

Ryder lead the group and I was stuck at the back. Fiona was getting restless and was fidgeting a lot. I looked around and when I was sure no one was paying attention, I let her fly around above the group.

As I was flying around freely, Ryder and Roman flew up with me.

"Land now Livia!" He ordered, without arguing I landed. "You need to be responsible on this quest! You can't be flying around and goofing off." He went into a rant that I didn't pay attention to.

"Ryder leaver her alone, all our dragons are getting restless, they need to stretch their wings." Jaycee spoke up. I glanced at her and smiled. "You need to lighten up! What happened to the old, fun loving Ryder? I miss him." I nodded in agreement, he used to be fun and cheerful.

"He's gone. This is an important job Magister gave us. It needs to be done professionally." He said and turned back to the road.

Jaycee rolled her eyes and let her dragon fly, the others followed her lead.

"Ryder?" I tried to get his attention.

"What Livia?" He growled.

"Please tell me what's wrong." I asked feeling really upset and nervous.

"Why should you care how I feel?"

"Why are you being like this? We are a team! I care about you."

"Just leave me alone, why did you even come?"

"Why wouldn't I have come?"

"You left your boyfriend for this?"

"Wait what? Boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend!" I realized he meant Beau. "Beau is my best friend, he's like a brother to me. Is that what this is about? You're jealous of Beau?" He didn't answer me. "It is! You idiot! At least get your fact straight before you get upset! If you weren't so blind you'd see that I like you!" I blurted out everything in a fit of anger.

"What did you just say?" He said looking shocked.

"Nothing." My face turned red and I flew away on Fiona.

I was the last to land when we stopped to set up camp for the night. I set up my tent and hid inside. In the middle of the night I heard something moving outside my tent, I pulled the knife out from under my pillow and sat up slowly.

"Livia? Are you awake?" It was only Ryder. "I'm sorry about everything. Can you forgive me?" He sounded as if he was ready to cry.

"Yes." I whispered. He heard me.

"Can I come in?" He asked, I unzipped my tent door and he stepped in. He pulled me into a hug and held me tight. I hugged him back.

"Is it true?" I asked. I felt him nodded while he gently kissed the top of my head. I pushed him back and looked into his eyes.

He slowly leaned in closer to me, his hand moved up to my cheek and he pulled me into a kiss. Before long we had lost control of ourselves, getting wrapped in each other's embrace.

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