Three days passed, we are now the only group to make it to five days in the forest, as far as we know, not many groups have made it out. There have no sightings of any dragon, every night Ryder would blow the horn and get a response telling us which way to go, it always came from the north. We sleep very little now, rarely stopping to set up camp. If someone is tired they can tie their dragon to the back of a cart and sleep inside while the others continued.

Beau rarely slept, I had to force him to take a nap in the cart, he only agreed if I stayed with him. Now Beau and I will share a cart and take a nap. Ryder clearly dislikes it but I assured him it was okay, it's just Beau after all.

We could tell the sun was setting on our fifth day in the forest, we had reached the end of the map, were we were standing, on the map it showed the last place Ryder's uncle set up camp. What the map didn't show was the ruined campsite that had been destroyed by the Stella. Ryder suggested staying here to rest and raid the wreckage.

I realized the map was missing something else, the cliffs just beyond the wreckage. I slowly made my way to the edge, a steep cliff dropped straight down to another layer of forest, it appeared to make a blow like shape around a thicker forest. Carefully I sat down with my feet over the edge and the map in hand. I gently drew a circle around was I felt would be the cliffs.

Ryder's horn blew from behind me, I looked up at the moon, that was now visible to me, hanging over the crater. The Ultima's roar answered, a white blur shot out from the centre of the giant hole, it stopped in the light of the moon. I knew what it was, I quickly called the others, Callum and Luke saw a white line and said it was just a shooting star until it stopped in mid air. We finally got a clear view of the beast, it was too far the make out any details but it had large wings and a completely white body. We all starred in awe at the creature before it plummeted back into the centre of the blow.

"We have to get down there." Jaycee spoke, breathless.

"What about the carts?" I asked looking to Ryder.

"We empty them the best we can and load our personal dragons with weapons and traps, Ava will take the food."

"We are not leaving Robur and Levi." I protested.

"Fine, they can carry the tents. Levi and be attached to Christof and to can take Robur and Grace." I nodded. "We leave tomorrow."

"Why not now? We have traveled through the night before." Luke protested. "We would be safer down there, with a wall on one side that leaves us with one less direction to worry about."

"Yes, but we also could get cornered that way." Ryder mocked.

"Us getting cornered? That's like chicken cornering a bear. We can take on any beast that comes our way, we have the best equipment for this fight." Luke was now getting the group excited, some even cheered.

"Fine, who wants to sleep in the hole?" Everyone but Beau and I raised their hand. "Alright let's get moving. There's a clearing at the bottom of the cliff that looks safe to land, we will camp there. But Luke. You are standing guard. All night."

"So be it." Luke nodded.

"Let's move." Ryder ordered.

We all went to the carts and unloaded everything. I took a bow and quiver of arrows, some bolas, a net and my knife was still in my boot. Next I packed Robur with three tents and tied him to Grace's saddle, making sure the knot could be undone quickly.

Once everyone was ready we took flight. I flew up higher than the rest to look for another clearing but it was no use, the forest got too dense, it would be painful to try to fly through the sharp, pines of the trees.

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