20. The Quest for Water

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That night I had a dream. A nightmare. Full of short flashes of horrible things. My friends and family suffering, the scene that woke me was the short sight of my father in tears next to my mother who appeared to be no longer living.

I sat up quickly, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. Nox looked at me concerned. The sun was peering up from behind the horizon. The sky was pink, a possible threat to our quest. I packed up everything, pulled some fruit out and had breakfast.

"It's not a meal without meat, now is it Nox." Nox moaned in agreement. I pulled out my bow and some arrows from my quiver and set my sights on a deer in the distance.

The arrow soared from my bow, off the cliff and into the deers heart. I hopped on Nox to retrieve the animal. We took the body back to our camp and restarted a fire. I skinned the beast, thanking it of the meat, and then proceeded to gut it. I took some meat off it's side to cook and gave the rest to Nox, who ate it in one bite, bones and all.

As I ate my cooked meat, I pulled out the note from the high priest. It said the the hidden waterfall was located at the lowest point on the island. I took another bite and a moment to think. Quickly I realized Zara must have been the guardian of the waterfall and the it is deeper in her cave.

"Volemus!" I ordered in the old language. Nox took off at full speed back to Zara's cave.

We reached it before the sun was high in the sky. I hopped off and walked to the cave. I stopped at the entrance, Nox pushed me from behind impatiently. I slowly walked in my knife in hand. It was pitch black. I stumbled at the edge of a hole, Nox caught my furs and pulled me back. I landed on a stick and decided to use it as a torch. I found to rocks and slowly created a torch.

With the torch in my hand I walked to the edge again. I would have to climb down. I got some rope and the canteen from Nox's side bags, asked him to hold the rope for me and tied it around his strong neck. I slowly inched my way down the rope.

After a while I had reached the end of the line. Unsure of what to do I looked around and prepared to climb back up. I took one last glance down to check for the bottom and realized my feet were inches from the ground. I left go of the rope and landed gently on the stone ground.

I found a wall and followed it through a tunnel. There was a blue glow coming from the distance. I turned a corner to see a pool of blue water and a flowing waterfall. I was a beautiful sight that I wish I could share with my family.

After a moment of staring, I filled up my canteen. A strange feeling crept over me. I was not alone in this cave. The water rippled, not because of the waterfall, I took hold of my knife and backed up slowly. A serpent like creature rose out of the water. Looks like Zara wasn't the only guardian. I realized it was a white Ultima when it roared at me. I roared back, showing no fear.

"I only took what I needed! That's not fair!" I shouted in frustration, not thinking. The beast slowly snuck back into the water.

"I was not expecting that." I said out loud to myself.

I turned and ran back to the rope and inched up it. Nox was waiting at the other side and was happy to see me safe.

We walked to the end of the cave to see a wall of rain.

"Well. Why don't we stay here." Nox moved his head almost as if he was saying yes.

We laid down and rested for the rest of the day and night. The rain continued. It seemed endless until I fell asleep for the night.


I finally reached 20 chapters! I'm so excited! Thanks to everyone who is reading this! I love you. Not in a creepy way. I can't believe how many reads I have! Y'all are great.

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