The sun poured into the cave and woke me. Nox had left me in the cave. I grew concerned, and rushed out of the cave. I was stopped in my tracks to see him collecting wood and pilling it near a dead moose.

With my mouth agape I walked over to Nox, I stroked his nose, still staring in awe at the animal. Nox shoved me with his nose and brought me back to the ground.

I lit the fire, cleaned and gutted the moose, that had a broken neck, cut myself a piece and gave the rest to Nox, who still managed to fit the entire beast in his jaws. We sat and relaxed for a few moments until I realized that I still had one more quest. I pulled out my note and read the location and instructions.

I would need to climb on my own and get the stone. Sounds easy enough. I hopped on Nox and we flew to the south.

It took a while, we flew through a flock of geese, saw some dragons and animals scattered about the island, before we landed at the base of the cliff.

I looked up in awe. The cliff nearly reached the clouds. I grabbed what I need, a small pickaxe, water, climbing gloves and boots, and my knife. I then proceeded to climb.

One stone after another, I placed my hands and feet on the sturdiest stones possible. Left hand, right hand, left foot, right foot. My arms grew tired and my feet grew sore. I reached up and grabbed the top of the cliff, only when I pulled my self up did I realize I had grabbed a tail. A black tail with white speckles. I looked closer to find the body and head to match. A Ultima was snoring at the edge of the cliff.

My feet were shaking and I slipped. I screamed and plummeted to my death.

Only my fall was cut short by Nox catching me and placing me back on the ground. I would have to start again.

I restarted my journey up the highest cliff on the island. Left hand, right hand, left foot, right foot.

I reached the top and quietly chipped away at a piece of stone. It broke free just as the guardian awoken. I pressed myself against the stone cliff and waited for Nox. I could see the head of the speckled Ultima raising. It looked around but was pounced by Nox. I grabbed Nox's tail and pulled my self up.

At the top was three more speckled Ultimas, all protecting a stone shrine. The other three attacked Nox.

"Nolite quaeso!" I cried out in horror.

The three dragons on top of Nox stopped and looked at me.

"Nolite quaeso?" I repeated. They stopped and backed away from Nox and their fellow guardian. Nox backed away and hid behind me. I slowly walked towards the shrine. In the centre of the circle of stone pillars was a pedestal that held a tablet.

I read out loud the translation to English:

"He who is worthy shall take the gifts of Creatrix unto them as their own.

The three gifts, of beauty, health and power, use them well and be cleansed.

Use the new found power of Creatrix wisely.

Be the new creator, the new leader, show a new way, join lives together."

The words inspired me to get back as soon as possible. I ran to Nox and jumped on his back.

"Volemus!" I yelled, leaning forward over Nox's shoulders.

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