I was woken by the sound of a crying infant. The bed I had been sleeping on was no longer underneath me. A cry of pain came from the other side of the room.

"Ouch! What was that for?" It was my older brother. I rolled my eyes and laughed to myself.

"Why are you on the floor?" My father scolded.

"Because, you and mom are bed hogs!" Declan retorted, looking to get stepped on again if you ask me.

"Shh! Mom is still asleep." I whispered from my spot on the floor.

"She's right." My father said. "Look out Declan, you obnoxious brute!" My father yelled, trying to get around Declan to the still crying infant.

I laughed in silence, sitting up to see the problem, I realized that there was something crunchy and hard in my hair.

"Oh my Creatrix! Your hair!" Declan laughed, looking across the bed. "The cat must have coughed up a hair ball on your head!" Declan burst into silent laughter. I shot him a glare and stood up.

I walked out of the room and to the water pump outside. I pumped some water into a bucket and dunked my head into it. I scrubbed out the crunchiness and then dumped the bucket to refill it with clear water. I flipped my hair back just in time to see Ryder flying in on Jessamine. He looked tired, as if he had been riding all night, most likely, seeing as Jessamine was no were near as fast as Nox. Ryder was huffing, trying to catch his breath.

"I... Flew... All... Night...." He paused to breath. "The eggs are hatching... The high priest... He wants you to come back...." He paused again. "Get Nox..."

"Ryder. Slow down. The eggs are hatching?" I asked, confused.

"Yes, one wiggled and another is cracking slightly." He huffed. "Since when do you wash your hair?"

"I am a lady. I wash my hair when needed." I gave my best snob look, turning up my nose, looking down it at him.

"Well okay." He said. "Just go get Declan. I'll get Nox."

I hurried into the house. Looking for Declan, who turned out to have fallen back asleep beside our mother. I turned to my father who was lying Samson back in the crib.

"Really?" I asked.

"As soon as you left he climbed back in and started snoring." I didn't want to wake my mother but something had to be done. I paused in thought.

I slowly moved over to Declan and placed the tip of my nose in his ear. I blew air out of my nostrils slowly and when he didn't wake I blew a short, hard breath. Declan shook and woke up.

"Ryder's here. He says the eggs are hatching, we have to go."

"I want to say good by to mom." Declan said rolling over to our sleeping mother. "Mom wake up." She didn't move. Declan repeated a little louder, "mom wake up." He shook her gently, nothing. Tears filled everyone's eyes. "Her heart." Declan said placing his head back on her chest. "It's not there." I moved slowly over to her and placed my ear to her chest.

"It's there but, faint. We have to do something."

"Hurry up you two." Ryder's voice came from outside.

"Ryder help!" I cried, tears now fully streaming down my cheeks.

"What is it?" He said rushing to my side.

"Her heart, it's hardly there! What do we do?" Declan said. Ryder made some stuttering noises but did not speak.

"The waterfall! It heals right! I know where it is! I can take her." I scooped my mother into my arms and carried her outside.

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