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Hunting White Raven by sbond02
Hunting White Ravenby Samantha Bond
Adi glared at the uncooperative music box on her desk. Leaning back, she crossed her arms in her yellow hoodie. Seventeen years old and here she was, solving yet another...
  • smart
  • adventure
  • suits
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Quest by SammyLouGruber
A poem
  • friends
  • adventure
  • time
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A little thing called the moon(The dragon prince x reader) by kittyinamitten
A little thing called the moon( Jabezistoofine
Your half moon shadow elf and half human No one knows your secret, but one day the moon shadow elves attack your kingdom And someone you get caught up in stealing the dr...
  • love
  • soren
  • elves
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The Hobbit and the Demigod by NathanTylerJerrin
The Hobbit and the Demigodby That One Kid
Percy the demigod was kicked out of camp halfblood. When he is near death he trips and gets flung into a portal. Bilbo was just an ordinary Hobbit, until a boy showed u...
  • monsters
  • hobbit
  • quests
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Daughter of the Naga | Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
Daughter of the Naga | Lesbian S V E T A
Since the death of her mother, Nikita Azarova has been traveling with her father, who is an archaeologist. On one research trip, her father brings her to an ancient city...
  • avatars
  • lesbian
  • fantasy
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Correcting the Past (PJO/HOO) by Bianca_the_angelo
Correcting the Past (PJO/HOO)by DivineBlackDragon
Part 1 of Percy Jackson Visits the Past series. A commotion in camp leads to the visit of future demigods, gods, and satyrs, along with all their past selves. When the p...
  • past
  • thalia
  • percy
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Return of the Asuras |Lesbian Story| (The Sequel) by Svetaivanova
Return of the Asuras |Lesbian S V E T A
The Holy Game is over. Now Nikita has won both respect and support among the children of the gods, but she has come to face an even bigger crisis. After their painful br...
  • quests
  • actionpacked
  • love
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A Forest of Secrets by LRamirezN
A Forest of Secretsby L. Ramirez
⭐ FEATURED ⭐ 02/16/2018 Longlisted, Wattys 2018 ✅ COMPLETE Jocasta's nineteen years of peaceful existence in a little village of the Kingdom of Ontur blew up in piece...
  • wattys2018
  • femalelead
  • kingdom
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Just sum random photos  by AwkwardRoaster
Just sum random photos by ~Awkwardness
Just some photos in my gallery, and the things I do and watch/read, because yep, I'm a nerd. 🤓 Eh, there is a lot of stuff about the BBS in there, some anime will be th...
  • justsumphotos
  • cryaotic
  • quests
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Junkie's Cafe by Thorki_is_bae
Junkie's Cafeby dewdropper
A Story of Monsters Work in Progress. I'm also an artist so if you would like to commission me, just dm me on wattpad or Instagram. (Link in bio) Glendis Glass and many...
  • quests
  • adventure
  • monsters
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Love Me Again (PJ&O, HoO fanfic) by TheBloodOnMyHands
Love Me Again (PJ&O, HoO fanfic)by Searching for Something
Pelagia never had a good life. Her life was filled with pain, lots and lots of pain. She thought she found love at six, but a terrible event caused her to be ripped away...
  • caleo
  • quests
  • percabeth
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Twilight Dragon's Academy by PeridotFlower
Twilight Dragon's Academyby PeridotFlower
Life for Nova Atear is hard until she gets into Twilight Dragon's Academy, one day while Crest is in the Forest minding her own business with her wolf Crescent, a myster...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • dragon
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Elementals  by BlackPanther363
Elementals by The Detective
You all go to the same high school but then something crazy happens. You are your new friends get elemental powers. Can you and your friends train for the fight of your...
  • romance
  • quests
  • swordfighting
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The magic world by LexisSchmidt
The magic worldby Reaper_princess
A girl names Isabella was part human and part something else. When she turns 17 Bella become the PROTECTOR. She travels to save the world in times unknown. With 4 boys a...
  • guardian
  • girlpower
  • bravery
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The Stone of the Tides (Realms of Chaos #1) by ElizabethEllor
The Stone of the Tides (Realms Elizabeth Ellor
When twelve-year-old Melody goes to meet her dad's new family, she's expecting them to be different. But she's not expecting that they'll be elven royalty from another d...
  • girls
  • wattys2015
  • magic
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Cassandra's Crown and The Child of Hera by hippiekid
Cassandra's Crown and The Child hippiekid
Maya is always running from monsters, and she never found out who she really was until she stumbled upon a certain summer camp. She goes on dangerous quests, finds frien...
  • potter
  • apollo
  • becca
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The Café Book Club by TheCafe_BookClub
The Café Book Clubby The Cafe Book Club
Hello there! Do you want to get more reads, encouraging votes and helpful comments on your books? Are you interested in having some fun? Do you want to meet new people...
  • club
  • thecafe
  • fun
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Prime (PJO) by dreamingraven
Prime (PJO)by Undefined
White lies. Red wine.
  • camphalfblood
  • pollux
  • chb
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Fear And Freedom by Smile_With_Me
Fear And Freedomby Smile_With_Me
Natalie Quiskilla is a Fire Pixie. Nat is yet to earn her White Wings, the abitlity to fly, without going on her Quest and to avoid the Loinxs. Unfortunately she is pair...
  • boy
  • fairies
  • quests
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