I woke up later than normal, the rooster crowed as I got out of bed. I hurried along a little faster than I would like but it's still early enough to get noticed.

The lesson today was learning how to start training a captured or hatched dragon. We learned the basics and all got a chance to try it on a young Ligna dragon. They live in trees and only eat wood and bark, if not trained or killed they will eat a log cabin or fire wood. They tend to stay in the Mortem forest but will come to the village during the cold season.

I volunteered to go first, I taught it how to do simple dog tricks like sit, stay, lie down and rollover. I also tried to teach it to follow a finger or a hand, I ended up getting it to fly for the first time in its life.

As I was watching the others get their five minutes of fame I noticed Ryder and some of the instructors watching us and taking notes. When I looked at Ryder he pointed to the old man beside him a mouthed the word 'Magister'. It was him, the oldest and greatest trainer on the island. Ryder also mouthed the words 'he likes you' and smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile myself so I slightly bowed my head so no one could see my stupid grin.

After everyone got a chance with the Ligna they released another dragon into the arena to practice capturing again. This one was a larger dragon, yet still untrained.

"Livia can you come here please?" I heard Mrs. Black call in her soft yet strong voice.

I walked over to her thinking of reasons why she would want to talk to me. I stopped and stood in front of her with my head bowed.

"I want you to sit this one out. The others need a chance to work with the dragon." She explained, sounding as if I'm too good. "You can take a seat with Ryder and the instructors." I nodded with a goofy smile on my face. Even though I wanted to train, I was happy to take the indirect compliment.

I trotted up the steps to where Ryder and the instructors were. Ryder looked confused but the instructors clearly knew what was happening. Ryder sat down beside me and I explained why I was sitting out. Before I could finish the dragon was let out.

"What breed do you think it is?" Ryder asked, though he clearly knew and just wanted to know if I know.

"It's and Aerius, though they don't pose any really threat to life, their wings are extremely powerful and can create amazingly strong gust of wind." I said, showing off slightly and shuffling in my seat with pride.

"Very good." A strong male voice came from behind Ryder. "You paid attention in class." I nodded and put my head down, unsure who all heard me.

"Magister, this is Livia, Livia this is Magister." Ryder introduced me to the man he had earlier motioned to, in a way I already knew it was him.

I nodded my head and smiled at the old man. He politely nodded back.

I looked over to see the others fighting with the Aerius and having great difficulty. I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"What?" Ryder asked. I looked at him, then back at the struggling class.

"They are going about it all wrong." I stated.

"What would you do?"

"I would start by immobilizing its wings either by jumping on it and tying them off or throwing a strong net over them. Just enough that the others can get in close to tie up the feet and face." I said unsure if Magister would hear me again. Ryder simply smiled and nodded.

"You know what tonight is right?" I nodded.

"If you aren't that one name called, you pack up your stuff and go home with your family." He said, my face remained emotionless. "But if you are, you are given a young dragon to train as your own." He was giving me facts that no newbie was ever given, like he knows far more than I do. I looked at him, confused as to why he was telling me all this. He simply gave me a 'I know something you don't know' look.

A bell rang right for dinner shortly after the class finally caught the dragon. I went to grab Fiona who was waiting by the weapons tied to a post. I untacked her and headed to dinner where at the same time the chosen new comer will be announced, along with the weeks greatest riders, warriors and trainers. My family will be there to support me and congratulate me or take me home. I'll be finding out shortly.

I got there to see my parents sitting as close as possible to the stage at the front. I scurried to get a set with them and sat down right next to my father. I hugged him and grabbed my mom's hand from across the table. They are both wide eyed and giddy, but holding something back.

"Livia, we have something to tell you." My fathers face became serious but not threatening. I looked at both of them with concern, my mom' s face couldn't take the stress and her lips curled into a smile.

"I'm with child! I'm going to have a baby!" She squealed with excitement. My face as well as my father's grew into a big smile, he then quickly pulled me into another enormous hug. I'm so happy for them, even if in not chosen I will still be so happy.

After the food was served Magister stood up at a wooden podium and tapped a microphone. He proceeded to clear him throat before opening an envelope with the chosen new comer.

"And the one who was chosen to stay with us and train is Cristina Divido." He said proudly. Everyone was shocked to hear her name. My thoughts were cut off by Magister speaking up again. "Oh I'm terribly sorry! This is the wrong envelope, Cristina has the honour of being this weeks greatest female trainer." He paused as she stood up and waved to the cheering crowd. "Now the one who has been chosen to stay is Livia Porter! Congratulations Livia!" He said as he motioned for me to join him on stage.

Quickly I hopped up on stage and shook each instructor's hand. Magister handed my a scroll tied with a blue ribbon. I thanked him and headed back to my seat. Beau was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, he engulfed me in a big hug and spun me around. When he released me I caught a glimpse of Ryder walking back to his seat. Why had he been over here?

I shrugged it off and went back to sit with my now overjoyed family. They announced the names of the other great students and then dismissed us joyfully. I headed back to my cabin that was now missing two others. The girls were celebrating my victory, if one can call it that, by singing and dancing about the cabin.

Zoella explained to me what will happen tomorrow before we had to go to bed. We are given a bunch of young dragons to choose from, many are or were used in training. I will have to choose one to train and that will be handed over to my to keep as my own. I get the evenings after dinner to work with it and still attend classes during the day. And it all starts tomorrow.


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