Nox soared through the air at full speed, the small amount of land between my family and I seemed to stretch forever. What seemed like an eternity came to an end when Nox was over my family home. Declan and I leaped off the back of Nox and landed on the hard dirt from 50 hands up.

I cried out for my father as Declan dusted himself off from his not so graceful landing. Moments later, when I was too busy crying and laughing at the same time thanks to Declan, my dad came rushing out to the house.

"Daddy!" I turned and fell into his arms, calling him daddy for the first time since I was very little.

"Livia! You came. Come, come quickly." He paused half way through his turn. "Who is this?"

"Dad." Declan had finished dusting himself off and was watching our father closely.

"Declan? It can't be." My father stared at Declan, tears were welling up in both their eyes.

"We were going to surprise you on mom's birthday but, we fear she won't make it." I spoke up.

"This might just be the mericale we need." My father pulled us both in for one of his big hugs. "Come." He pulled away and lead us inside.

We made our way to my parents room, the door was slightly ajar and the house was the same as when I left. My father pushed the door open to revile my mother lying on her back on the bed, a Medicus by her side and a crib in the corner.

I stepped in and walked up to the Medicus.

"Livia Porter. How's my little girl?" The Medicus asked.


"Ava. The Medicus for the group of travellers."

"Oh! Yes! I should have known you were her mother. She is well respected in the forest and has saved many lives."

"Well I wish I could speak the same about your mother. She has been asleep since the baby was born."

"What is wrong with her?" Declan asked from the door way.

"We are not sure, she is running very hot and will not wake."

I sat down on the floor beside the bed and took her hand. I rested my head on the bed and began to cry. Declan and my father moved across the room quietly.

"Would you like to see your brother?" My father asked gently as he reached the crib. Declan nodded and took the small infant from my father. My father pulled a chair over to the bed so Declan could sit. "We were going to name him Declan, after you, but, well you know. Would you like to name your brother Declan?"

The tiny infant was fast asleep in Declan's arms. My big brother stared at the small baby, unsure what to say or do. Moments passed and Declan's remained in silent thought.

"Samson, after my best friend who died when we were attacked on our quest in the forest." He said, a tear falling from his eye.

"I will leave you alone to visit." The Medicus stood up and left the room.

I was unsure if I should be happy or sad. Samson was a perfectly healthy young boy, very large, much like I was, but my mother was dying. I laid my head back down and began to cry again, I whispered asking my mother to wake up, calling her mommy.

Declan sneezed and woke the baby, who started to cry. Declan began to panic and quickly handed my father the infant. My father gave Samson a bottle and quitted him down before handing him back to Declan.

The hand under mine began to stir. I lifted my head in time to see my mother opening her eyes.

"Mommy?" She turned to me and I quickly pulled her in for a hug.

"Mom." Declan's voice broke our hug.

"My baby." Her eyes filled with tears as Declan handed her Samson, then hugged both of them. The next few moments were filled with emotion.

That night the four of us shared my parents bed and Samson slept in his crib.

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