I found Pulchra before dinner, I decided to take her for a ride on Shadow. Livia's advice gave me some courage and hope. I spotted her on her way to dinner with her mother. I grabbed her arm and pulled her aside.

"Would you like to go for a ride?"

"Who are you?"

"It's me, Beau."

"Oh sorry, it's dark. A ride on what?"

"Shadow, my dragon, she's really friendly."

"What about dinner?"

"That can wait." I pulled her onto Shadow's back and we took off. Pulchra screamed and hugged my waist tightly.

I took her to the village outside the forest. Where I was born, I showed her my old home and a few other buildings. We landed outside Liv's father's forge. I had asked him to make a necklace for Pulchra.

I took her hand and lead her inside. She was reluctant at first but eventually took her first step in. Her face lit up with amazement and awe. The candles around the walls made it easy for me to see her face and all her beauty. Mr. Porter was at the back working. I cleared my throat and got his attention.

"Ah, Beau. Good to see you kiddo. Is this the lovely lady I made this for?" He held up a sliver necklace with a small dragon on it.

"This is Pulchra, Pulchra that's Livia's father. And this is for you." I placed the necklace around her perfect neck and pulled her hair out of the chain.

"It's beautiful. Thank you Beau. Thank you Mr. Porter."

"No worries darling. You two have fun tonight." Mr. Porter smiled and we then left.

We got back on Shadow and she took us to our next destination. The centre of the stadium, where I had set up a nice dinner.

We talked and talked as the moon started to grow higher. She laughed at me a few times and seemed more beautiful than ever. I asked her about her father and what he does. She explained that he marries couples, is the spiritual leader, in charge of keeping the Patria close to their roots and protecting the minds and souls of the villagers.

After time passed she started to get tired so I brought her back to her home. Then went back to my own tent.


The next morning I went to talk to Liv. I told her everything, that her idea had worked and that today I am going to talk to the high preist. I hugged Livia and spun her around before heading over to speak with Pulchra's father.

I asked him if there was anything I could do to help him. He allowed me to carry things for him and ask questions as I did so. I learned a lot and stayed with him for most of the day. He allowed me to eat with him and offered me a job.

"You would help me carry things and get to where I need to be. You may court my daughter and when I die you may take my place."

"I accept."

"Very well. Beau. You may accompany me tonight at your friend Jaycee and Miles' wedding. You will learn everything you need in order to take over. You will also assist me in cleansing your friend, Livia."


"Yes, she is ready to take on the power of Creatrix. You will help me in the ritual that only happens once in a thousand seasons. You will learn and pass on the proper cleansing method. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

"You may go."

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