I had lost myself in a dream that night, being back in the secure arms of my big brother and under the watch of my closest friends, I was safe.

That feeling of safety was lost when I was woken by the ground, my head hitting the ground along with the sound of Declan's head hitting the earth was enough to wake anyone up. I sat up and looked around, Ryder and Beau were sitting up rubbing their heads as Declan was. Nox and Zara had left us, we all looked around puzzled for a moment. Two unisons roars caught our attention. Zara and Nox were flying over our heads but, not going anywhere.

"It's time! Wake everyone!" Declan shouted and ran for the nearest tent and began shaking it. Luke and Alex emerged with grumpy expressions, Declan pointed their heads to the sky where the dragons were flying around each other. Ryder, Beau and I followed his lead and woke everyone up.

Zara and Nox were still remained flying around each other when we were all awake. They then stopped flying to face each other, their long bodies made a perfect heart shape in the sky, they both spread their wings and held the beautiful formation. The full moon was sinking in the sky and fit perfectly in the empty space between the dragons.

"Kind of makes you want kids." Ryder came up behind me and hugged me with his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder.

"Yeah." I whispered in return. A tear of happiness rolled down my cheek.

When the moon had disappeared behind the suns light Zara and Nox slowly lowered themselves to the ground. Before anyone come say anything a large battle cry came from the forest. Painted men emerged from the trees with weapons in hand. I picked up a sword and Ryder pull out his favourite sword pushing me behind him.

Beau was scattering looking for a weapon, when his back turned a painted man saw the opportunity and attacked. All I could do was scream his name. Declan heard and quickly tackled the painted figure. Zara roared and got the attention of the painted men. They all stopped and starred at her and Nox.

"Patria." Ryder whispered.


"The natives, the direct descendants of the dragon people."

"Like in Declan's story last night?"

"Yeah. I didn't know there was any left."

Declan now had the one Patria pinned to the ground. There was no longer a fight to be made as the unknown man was fixated on the giant dragons.

"Why are you here?" One Patria with a painted face of black and white spoke.

"To find the dragons of the legends. The Ultima." Ryder answered pointing to Zara.

"You find them." The man said, moving his focus to Zara. "Many men risk lives to find dragon. Many fail. You not. Why?"

"Perhaps we were better prepared." Ryder said, unsure how to answer.

"No! You from outside. You kill everything. Much death on outside of forest. You must pay." With those words we were seized.

We were helpless. Declan lost control of the fight and was tied. Beau remained weaponless and was also captured. I fell to my knees as if all was lost. I didn't want to fight, I threw my sword to the side and hid my face. Ryder lost his focus when he heard my cries and was captured. Three men had to hold him to keep him away from me. One man went to tie my hands.

"Stop!" The voice of the Patria leader ordered. "She is no threat to us and of no use." He finished his sentence in the first language of the island, prima.

I was left to weep on the ground. The forest was now silent. A warm muzzle nudged my side, it was Grace. I looked her in the eyes, they were full of sadness and hurting. Another body came to my side and pushed up against me. Robur was pressed to my leg, lying on the ground whining. I looked up to see everyone's dragons sitting in a circle around me, the looks of terror and pain filled their eyes. Zara let out a cry of sorrow, Nox followed and soon they all were sing the song of sorrow. A smooth, moan of defeat, filled the air. I looked over and my discarded sword. I noticed Declan's saddle near a torn tent. It wasn't finished yet but it was far enough along that I could finish, the bridle and blanket were already complete. I got to work on the saddle, I have seen Declan work and he made it look easy, but I managed to do a decent job. It was nothing compared to Declan's work but it will do.

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