I didn't sleep all night, I listened to the sounds of the Ultima's roar, they seemed to be traveling north. By sunrise they had stopped and silence took over the forest. The quiet didn't last long, the rooster crowed and woke up the small farm. I jumped up and got ready, I filled my bag up with my things as well as Ryder's. When he didn't wake up I jumped up on the bed and bounced around. Slowly Ryder fell out of the bed and on to the floor.

"What the hell was that for?" He yelled from the floor.

"You didn't wake up. I thought you were dead." I joked.

"I'm never going to die." He mocked as he got up. He stretched his arms up, over his head, flexing all his muscle. Ryder noticed me watching him and smiled."Livia! I am not a piece meet!" He scolded, trying to hide himself. I looked down at the bed, my face turning red. Ryder laughed and tackled me.

"Ryder, Livia, breakfast is ready." Maria said from the other side of the door. Ryder and I looked at each other before racing to the kitchen.

"Wait!" I stopped in my tracks, causing Ryder to crash into the wall. "You need to put your furs on." Ryder got up rubbing his head. He looked down at his own bare chest then back to me.

"Right. Thanks." He went back to our room and I continued to head to the kitchen.

The smell of bacon and eggs made my stomach growl. Everyone was atthe table eating, I sat down across from Maria. Ryder came down shortly after and flopped down next to me.

"When do you want to leave?" Maria asked Ryder.

"I was hoping to leave after breakfast." Ryder answered. The look of confusion was noticeable on my face, wondering how she could have known about our plans to explore the Mortem forest. "Liv." Ryder spoke up noticing my expression. I shifted in my seat. "We will head straight to the stadium after we drop Maria off." Suddenly I remembered that Maria was moving in with Jamie today.

Ryder explained what had happened that night and his plan to his family and I. He hoped to get the the others in the group, that I learned was named simul, as well as some weapons and supplies.

We all finished eating, the three of us headed back to the village. Jaime was waiting out side his small cabin for Maria. The cart was unpacked quickly, Ryder threatened Jamie before joining me in the cart that was being pulled by Robur and Jessamine.

I fell asleep on the was to the stadium, the bouncing cart rocked me into a deep sleep. Before long I was being awakened by a wave of cold water. I opened my eyes to see Ryder standing over me with a bucket in hand. I glared at him and grasped his outstretched hand. He pulled me up and lead me into the stadium.

"You go get some of your things and the girls, I'll get the guys." Ryder instructed as he left my side and headed for the boys' camp grounds.

On my way to the girls' camp ground I ran into Beau, who was headed to the stables.

"Beau!" He turned to see who was calling him. I ran to hug him, when he saw his face brightened.

"Hey, Liv! How was Ryder's family?" He asked mockingly.

"Fantastic." I said rolling my eyes. "I have great news. Last night we saw an Ultmia!"

"Really! Where?" His smile grew bigger and his eyes filled with anticipation.

"Over the Mortem forest. We are getting the other simul and heading out tonight to check it out." The smile turned to a frown and fear took over.

"I can't let you do that! You are not going in there Liv!" He said.

"Why not? This is my dream!" I argued.

"Because, it's not safe."

"I have some of the best warriors by my side. I will be fine."

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