Today is our third day of training, we are learning how to kill a dragon that is a threat to our safety. We aren't actually killing dragons, only pretending. Mrs. Black showed us the soft spots on a dragon. They vary from one dragon to the other but are very similar.

Behind the head were the skull meets the spin, the lighter scaled on the underbelly, the eyes and nose, where the wings meet the body and sometimes their tail.

Yes their tail, on some dragons cutting off a piece of their tail can hurt or kill a dragon. Some breeds use their tails to survive, a Veneno stores venom in their tail and without it they a defenceless and easier to kill. The Caudae rely only on their tails for defence, balance and hunting, without it they can't walk and will bleed out or be rendered useless.

For our training we got to fight our own dragon. They have been trained to play dead when hit in a soft spot. They will not hurt us but they can by accident so we must be careful.

Fiona and I were up first. We walked to the centre of the room and I tied her rains to the saddle. I took ten paces back and waited for Mrs. Black's signal. She counted down from three, Fiona was in a ready stance and I followed her lead. When Mrs. Black yelled go Fiona started running at me. I dove out of the way and ran for the fake weapons. They were all made of plastic and rubber leaving them harmless to dragons. Fiona looks as if she is having the time of her life.

Behind me a heard wind blowing, and the next thing I knew Fiona was stopped between the weapons and I. Quickly I stepped on her head and ran along her back. Before she could turn around I had a sword on the back of her neck. Instantly she went limp and played dead.

Everyone clapped and I let her up. I moved to the side with the others and watched the others. They all took longer than I did, some struggled more than others but all got it done on their own.


Day four was a practice day, we got to do whatever we wanted with our dragons to help better ourselves. I worked on control, i set up an obstacle course and went through it with Fiona a few times. Once we had it perfect, we worked on doing it as fast as possible. It took a few more tries but we did it.

After I put the obstacles away, Fiona and I had a few rematches. She tried her hardest but most of the time I won. She did manage to pine me down a few times but I got away without 'dying'.

Tomorrow is the last day, there will be another training day then an honours ceremony. They will give thanks to the teachers and trainers, then announce the best older students and finish with the announcement of the chosen 'newbie'. The next day the newbie joins an older class and the next group of newbies come. The honours night don't last long so they do them over dinner to save time and keep everyone interested seeing as they happen once every five days. The only ones who really care are the current newbies who are getting picked or kicked out.

Fiona really wore me out, I went strait to bed after nearly falling asleep at dinner. Tomorrow is going to be a stressful day in my class and I need to be prepared for anything.

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