Tonight is Jaycee's wedding, she asked me to stand by her side and walk her to Miles. Beau was sitting with Pulchra. He looked so happy and excited.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful in the moon light. The silver rays reflected off the pond and danced along the surface. The entire thing was in the old language and made it even more special. Jaycee was wearing a hand made, bear fur dress and her hair was tied back.

I stood by Jaycee's side as the high priest preformed the ceremony. The couple had large grins lighting up their faces as they looked at each other. At the end of the speech Miles pulled Jaycee in for a kiss and the crowd cheered.

Within moments the fire was lit and the village was full of song and dance. Ryder and I danced along to a traditional song around the fire. Beau and Pulchra were on the opposite side laughing together.

As the night wore on more and more people sat down and simply watched the dancing. Jaycee, Miles and the others in our group were the only ones who continued.

"I have an announcement." The high priest stood across the fire, Beau joined him, his voice causing he remaining dancers to take a seat. "Pardon my take over Miles. But I have important news." He paused, waiting for Miles' approval. "Livia has trained with us and is now ready to receive the power of Creatrix. Livia do you accept?"

I sat, starring, unable to move or speak. Ryder nudged me and brought me back to earth. I nodded slowly.

"Very well. You will have to undergo three quests in order to receive the power. The first, you must seek out the Mundi flower at northern end of the island. The second you must find the hidden Scientia waterfall. And the third, you must climd the Fortitudo cliffs. You will bring the plant, water and stone back here for the cleansing. Understood?" I nodded.

"We will leave in the morning." I responded.

"No, only you will go, these quests for power must be done alone with your dragon and only your dragon."

"Are you sure about this Liv?" Ryder whispered into my ear.

"Yes. I'll take Nox, we will be back before you know it."


"Livia the day has begun. You must commence your quests." A voice came form out side my tent.

"But-" I cut myself off, realizing it was the high priest.

"No buts! You have accepted the quests. You and Nox will travel north to retrieve the Mundi flower. It is a single flower that grows, and blooms but once a day, when the moon reaches the centre of the sky." I poked my head out of the tent as he was talking. "Are you ready yet?" He asked. I pointed to my boots that he was standing on. "My apologies." He handed me my boots.

"Thank you sir." I popped back in the tent to put me boots on. I sipped one on, then the next and was outside in moments.

"You must eat." He handed me a plate of food and forced me to eat quickly. "Head north, when you reach the end of the island ask Nox to fly as high as possible. You will know what to do next."

He lead me to Nox who was already packed and waiting. Ryder was standing beside Nox holding his rains. Beau and Declan were also standing close by.

"You sure about this? I just found you, I don't want to lose you." Declan spoke first, tears welling up in his eyes.

"I'll be fine." I hugged him tightly. Beau was the next to speak.

"Please don't go."

"Well aren't you supportive." I hugged him regardless of what he said. Beau and Declan said their good byes and left Ryder and I.

"You don't have to do this."

"I want to."

"In that case take this." He handed me a dragon horn. "Blow this and I will find you."

"I promise." I said taking it from his shaking hands. I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Ryder helped me onto Nox's back, waved good bye once more and I signalled for Nox to fly.


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