Ryder and Declan landed and I proceeded to let out an excited cry for the back of my throat. A drum began to pound in a slow rhythm and two men came out sigh the bed again, followed by the high priest.

The men placed the bed near the large fire, followed by the priest placing the gifts along the edge. The priest stood near the bed and motioned for Livia to lie down. She lowered herself onto the bed, head nearest the flames.

"The cleansing has begun!" The priest shouted and the village cheered. He raised his hands and looked over the bed at me who was standing opposite to him. We placed our hands, his on mine, over Livia. He murmured something and she fell asleep.

He picked up the bag in which enclosed the flower. He put his hand in it and crumpled the dried flower. He pulled his hand out and there's the dust into the fire, which erupted into green and gold flames.

He then picked up the water and poured some into my hands, and then into her mouth, whispering a chant. I slowly dripped water on different parts of her body, saying where and why.

"Her forehead for a health mind, her heart for a health life, her shoulders for heathy muscles in battle, her stomach for healthy body and soul, her hips, for healthy offspring and her legs for heathy movements."

The priest pulled out the stone with a long pair of metal grabbers, much like what a blacksmith would use, and held the stone over the fire for a moment.

"Her forehead for a strong mind, her chest for a strong heart, her shoulders for strength in battle, her stomach for a strong body and soul, her hips for strong offspring, her legs for strong movements."

The two of us then proceeded to chant the same things in the old language. The green and gold flames began to move around the bed and set it aflame. The bed did not burn, the flame was not hot, but smoke was produced and Livia breathed it all in and started to shake.

I heard her parents yell for us to stop but we only chanted louder and faster. Once we had repeated it 7 times we stopped and everything was quiet.

"Is she alive?" I whispered. The high priest pressed his head to her chest and nodded.

Livia's breathing started to grow faster and her eyes opened quickly revealing glowing green and gold eyes.

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