"Ugh! You snore so loudly!" I moaned and elbowed Ryder in the side.

"What? What?" He snorted.

"Roll over or something, just stop snoring in my ear." I said moving away from him.

"Oh sorry." He rolled over and went right back to sleep.

I finally got back to sleep when the cock crowed. Ryder rolled over and hugged me.

"Wake up sleepy head." He whispered into my ear.

"You have terrible morning breath." I coughed. He laughed and got out of bed.

"Get up and put your furs on." He instructed and threw my furs at me. "What is that made out of anyway?" He asked.

"Horse. My favourite mare died after giving birth. My father thought the foul would like me better if I wore her fur. It was warm and comfortable so I kept it." I explained as I stretched and put it on. He nodded and put on his own furs.

I brushed my hair and tied it back with a piece of rope before chewing on a mint leaf. Ryder complimented my hair as he has never seen it tied back.

Shani already had breakfast ready and on the table when we got down. Maria and Jamie came down shortly after. Jamie and Ryder glared at each other over the course of the meal. Maria, Shani and I had a nice conversation while the men say and ate.

"Ryder would you mind coming to town with us? We could use the help." Shani asked.

"Sure. Liv, do you mind staying here with Maria and Jamie?" Ryder asked.

"I don't mind at all." I answered then Ryder and his parents left.

Maria asked me to help her feed the animals while Jamie took a nap. The goats were as friendly as could be.

"Do you have any animals back home?" Maria asked.

"Some horses, a few ducks and chickens, a grumpy old cat and that's it." She nodded.

"I've always wanted a cat or a dog. Jamie said I could get one or the other when I move in with him." She said dreamily.

"Where are you two planing on living?" I asked.

"Somewhere in the village. Jamie has a nice little place near the market."

"So why are you here?"

"I have to stay here until I'm 19. Or get a job like Ryder. But no one has hired me and I have no desire to work with dragons." She explained. "Can I tell you something?"

"Of course." I reassured her.

"I don't really love Jamie anymore. He's rude and lazy."

"Why are you still with him?" I asked confused.

"That's the problem. The last time I went to a Medicus he said I'm with child. I don't know what to do Livia. I can't go to my parents, they will surly get upset and Ryder would kill Jamie." She broke down into tears. I pulled her into a hug and stroked her back.

"Does Jamie know?" She shook her head. "Well maybe he'll smarten up with a baby on the way."

"You think so?" She asked.

"If not I'll talk to him."

"You are a great girl Livia. Ryder is lucky to have you." I hugged her again.

"You go tell him. I'll finish feeding the animals." She hugged me again before running back to the house.

I continued to feed all the animals while she was gone. When I finished I stopped in to see Robur. I was dozing off in the hay beside Robur when I heard yelling coming from the house. I jumped up and ran back to see what was going on.

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