As we flew North in hopes to find the Mundi flower I reached into my saddle bag for an apple, only to find a note. It read:

Dearest Livia,

Your quests will not be easy, the Mundi flower is located on the North cliffs, as you may know. But once you find the flower do not breath in its pollen, it will put you into an eternal sleep. Plug your nose with dirt or stone. Cover the flower with the leather bag I have provided you and tie the rope tightly around it. Once picked the pollen will lose it's magic and will be safe after a few days.

Your next job will be to find the hidden Scientia waterfall, it is located in a cave at the lowest part of the island. It has great healing powers but do not drink it. Fill your empty canteen with only what you need.

Finally you will scale the Fortitudo cliffs located at the Southern most tip of the island. Climb it well. At the top break off a piece of stone no larger than a hand. The stones power are only accessible if the hero climbs on their own. Nox may help you down.

Good luck young hero.

The High Priest.

The Northern cliffs came fast as I was reading. Now slowed down and landed on the edge. I quickly found some stones to plug my nose. I motioned for Nox to stay put, he whimpered slightly and sat down with a huff. With the leather sac in hand a slowly walked to the peak of the cliff. There sprouted with a thick of trees creating a perfect circle around it was a golden flowed. I tiptoed around trees unsure what was about to happen. A large crack under my feet caused me to jump and nearly inhale. I realized it was bones, of a human. I almost had the same fate.

I had begun to run out of breath and needed to work fast. I threw the sac over the flower and dung up the roots. Tied up the sac and ran back to Nox. Once I was out of the thick I fell to the ground gasping for air.

Nox was standing over me when I rolled onto my back.

"Too easy." I joked, still gasping. Nox tilted his head and looked at me with a confused expression.

I sat up a laughed just in time to see the trees shaking and split apart. I got up and climbed onto Nox never looking away from the trees. A large black monster appeared in the centre of the trees roaring. I pulled my bow off my back and loaded an arrow.

The great dragon roared again. I shot my arrow at its throat only to make it more aggressive. Nox roared back. I realized the black beast was another Ultima, it's roll different for Nox's but, all the same it was a great beast.

The choice was fight or flight. Flying would be useless because it would easily follow. I have no desire to kill the monstrous dragon but, I may have to.

As the two dragons circled each other I had time to think.

My plan was simple enough to work. I loosened my saddle enough to roll under Nox and hang from his belly. I grabbed a rope and order Nox, in the old language, to fly over the beast.

He followed my order exactly, with some trouble I was able to drop from Nox's stomach and land on the other Ultima. I was thrown off before a could do anything. I felt a pain in my head and blackness filled my vision.

A cold nuzzle pushed at my cheek and hot breath covered my face. I opened my eyes to see Nox and his large grey eyes starring at me with desperation. He had curled himself around me and had the flower between his front legs. The other dragon was no where insight. Only it's mark on Nox's body was left behind. There were claw marks covering the black body of Nox and were bleeding furiously.

I sat up only to have my head start pounding, Nox whimpered and gently pushed my back against his side. I felt my head where it had been struck by a tree, it was bleeding slightly. I attempted to sit up again only slower, my hand on my head. Nox moaned and looked at me with concern.

I took a cloth and a canteen of water from my bag. I poured the water onto the cloth and cleaned the many cuts on Nox's body. The only thing we could do now was set up camp for the night.

Nox helped me get sticks for a fire. I had to send him back for smaller sticks because he came back with and entire tree in his mouth. I decided to use it as a bench to sit on.

As the night got darker I curled up in my sleeping bag bayside Nox and we slept under the stars together.

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