I was up before the rooster's crow, I tiptoed about the cabin getting ready for my training. Now that we know how to tack up and ride on our own we will be expected to do so. The rooster finally crowed as I slipped my boots on. I was out the door before the others were awake. I wanted to get to the stables to get a head start so I wasn't held up by the others.

I enjoy this new routine, normally I would eat right when I wake up, but now that I'm up before the sun I can get stuff done before we stop to eat. I get more done in a day now than I ever have. We are allowed to stop and eat when we need to but I hardly notice the hunger when I'm working.

I made it to the stables and pulled Fiona out of her stall. I went to get her saddle pad when a voice started talking.

"You going to scream again?" I turned around to see a grinning Ryder standing in front of me. His light brown hair a mess and dust all over his face and furs. I rolled my eyes and continued to tack up Fiona.

"Maybe, you are pretty scary looking."

"Oh that hurt, what will I ever do to mend the pain?" He said grabbing his heart sarcastically. "What are you doing here so early?" He asked bluntly.

"I wanted to get ready early." Was my simple reply as I continued to tack up.

"If you keep this up newbie you might just make it." He said as he walked over to his Diamanté.

"What's his name?" I asked peering over Fiona.

"Her name is Jessamine." He answered, putting emphasis on the word her. "She's a beauty isn't she?"

"Yeah." I said with my eyes glued to her beautiful blue scales.

"I caught her when she was pretty young. She got into my goat pasture." I nodded as I tighten my saddle. "I got lucky and caught her before she killed any." I let out a sigh of relief, glad his goats were fine. This gave me a clue as to where he lives, Diamantés only live up north, mostly to the north-west of the island, where the Mortem forest is. Not many people go there, maybe that's why no one sees him much.

I finished tacking up at the same time the others came in. Fiona and I slipped out before the madness started. Mrs. Black was already in the stadium when I got there. She was impressed at how early I was and let me ride before the others came in.

Fiona was fidgeting a bit but wasn't going anywhere without my permission. I took pride in that and decided to push her to blow off some steam. Slowly I leaned forward and slid my legs back. She understood what I wanted and took off. I made sure she went exactly were I wanted before I really let go. She listened to my every move and reacted. After a little warming up I leaned farther forward and gave her a tap with my feet. In seconds she was at full speed, I put her on a large circle in the sky above the stadium.

After a few laps I brought her back down to the ground. I heard clapping behind me. Instantly I spun around in the saddle to see Mrs. Black and Ryder standing there smiling at me.

"Well done. That is the most controlled I have ever seen Fiona." Praised Mrs. Black. Ryder shoot her a hurt look but quickly recovered and nodded in agreement. I stroked Fiona's red scales and gave her a scratch behind her small ears. Her entire body waged with enjoyment causing me to stop so I don't fall off.

Before I knew it the others were entering the stadium one by one. We lined up our dragons and sat to listen to the lesson. We were learning the different abilities of different breeds of dragons and their uses. Sparas not only spit fire but are useful for keeping animals warm in the cold months by radiating heat, they are also one of the fastest breeds and can borrow through soil at amazing speeds. Fiona was caught young enough that a Medicus could take out her fire glands and trimmed her claws so she's no more of a threat.

Some other interesting things I learned was that east of the stadium aerius dragons are used to find gold in the east cliffs by using their incredible wing strength to blow away dust and dirt. When Dracons were greater in numbers they were used to cut down trees with their powerful tails.

I took in as much information as I could before the real training began. A young dragon would be let out, our job is to identify it then use a proper method to catch it. The older riders will be on stand by if things get out of hand.

We all agreed to the rules and a small dragon only about a foot long was released into the stadium. Right away I knew it was a Veneno. Their bite is highly toxic, but it being so young even if it were to bite it would be harmless. The others were all standing around staring at the small dragon when I came up with a plan.

I pointed Fiona towards the weapons and tools and gave her a tap. She ran in a perfectly strait line with no problems. I grabbed a small cage and some leather gloves. The cage clamped onto the saddle and the gloves fit me well. I peered over to the others who were watching me with confused looks. The small Veneno was galloping about the ground and rolling in the dirt to try to hide its self. I flew in circles as I looked for an opportunity. The others were now coming up with game plans and followed my lead, but this was my dragon.

Fiona was directly above the small dragon when I leaned back and sat down in the saddle. She closed her wings and we landed right on top of the tiny Veneno. I grabbed it by the snout and placed it in the cage at my side, locking it in.

"Well done miss Porter, congratulations! Would you like to do the honours of naming him?" I nodded my heart pounding from the excitement.

"Robur." Was my choice, it means strength, I know he will grow into a strong dragon to fit the name.

Ryder and Beau came over to congratulate me on the first newbie catch of the season. The other girls from my cabin were rambling on about how fast I caught the young dragon and think I might just make the cut.

After dinner I went right to bed to save energy to be fresh in the morning. I plan on being up before the roosters crows again.

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