I was in a state of half awake and half asleep when a loud drum roll cured me of the sleep. Ryder was already awake and tossing more wood on the fire when the chief walked in.

"Your first lesson starts today. Here is your breakfast. Eat well and listen." He handed me a plate of food, with some vegetables and a small piece of meat. As he spoke I listened and repeated what he said. If I said something incorrectly he would make me say it again.

"Water. Aqua."


"No Aqua. Aqua."


"Yes. Now try, please. Obsecro."


"You learn fast. Say it together now."

"Aqua obsecro. Was that right?"

"Yes." After some time had passed the drum sounded again. "Now it is our turn to learn. Time to hunt."

When I emerged from the tent Declan was there to greet me.

"What did you learn?"

"A few words."

"Great. Did you have a nice sleep in the tent?"

"I'm sorry. But I did earn it." I mocked.

"Fair enough. Do you enjoy playing opossum or are you just really fragile?"

"If it was not for me playing opossum you'd be dead."


"Life saver. You should be saying 'thank you for not killing me' or 'thank you for saving my hide.'"

"Fine. Oh great and powerful faker. Can you ever forgive me for my actions?" He bowed to me mockingly.

"That's more like it." I said before pushing him over and walking away.

"Two people per dragon. Ah Liv! Do you mind riding Nox?" Ryder asked.

"Yeah sounds fun. Who am I taking with me?"

"This is Miles. He is the best Hunter in the village." I greeted him in the old language and surprised everyone in ear shot.

Most of the dragons could hardly hold two people, much like horses, where Nox and Zara could easily hold ten and be starting to get tight. Ryder claims that Nox has chosen me as his rider and only me. The others have tried only to get bounced off as Zara did to Declan. Luckily he allowed Miles on with me.

I realized we should have started with how to use and make our weapons but, I learned that Luke gave them a crash course while I was learning the old language.

We spotted a couple of Lignas in a small clearing. Ryder suggested that I show Miles how to catch first. I thought out a plan. I told Miles to jump when I jumped and tie the mouth first. The two Lignas seemed unaware of us, their appearance was similar to Jaycee's dragon.

I took Nox and hovered over the two. In order to catch them both Miles would have to learn on the fly. I gave him a few pointer and jumped. He followed and we both landed on each of the dragons. I had mine tied down in record time and was able to help Miles by giving him instructions. His nearly got away when I caught it's legs with bolas and stunned it. With some more struggling Miles eventually got the mouth and wings tied. I offered my catch to the chief and he accepted and allowed us to stop and get our things left at the camp.

When we returned are dragons had nearly doubled. Declan then spoke up over dinner.

"Now that you have dragons of your own I can show you how to make tack for them."

The chief brought out some left over leather and Declan got to work. He first created tack of the chief's new dragon and then continued down the way. He chose one man to help with all of the tack so there would be one excellent craftsman and not many mediocre ones.

As Declan made tack, Luke showed two men how to make weapons. Ava showed two women and one man how to use the things in her first aid kit and showed them some plants that are good for healing. Callum stayed in the village the entire time with the women teaching new ways to cook and how to cook what to keep everyone healthy.

The rest showed the hunters, with the finished tack how to train and ride their dragons. Jaycee and Miles were working with their Lignas. Miles fell off a few times and Jaycee would light up with laughter.

I fell asleep at the fire outside and Ryder had to carry me to our tent but, instead of setting me down nicely he threw me onto the bed and woke me. He slowly crawled over me with a goofy grin on his face. I decided not to let him have his fun and rolled onto my side. He moaned and flopped down so we are now face to face. He brought his face closer and closer to mine until I was able to bite his nose then quickly roll over. He moaned again before giving up and wrapping his arms around me and falling asleep.

"Jerk." He mumbled into the back of my neck.

"Bitch." I giggled back and shorty after, I fell asleep.

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