The sun was fading but my body wasn't. We flew straight back to the village at full speed. I let out a battle cry as we grew near. Nox roared and woke the entire village. Everyone poured out of their tents and to see what was happening. I landed near Ryder, Declan and Beau, who were frozen in shock.

The high Priest came running to my side and helped me off Nox.

"Three days, it took you three days! And you survived it all! You truly are worthy of the power! Beau! Go! Get the things from my collection!" Beau snapped out of his frozen state and ran to the high Priest's home.

Ryder greeted me with a hug as the others from our group arrived. Declan and the others joined our hug and formed a large circle around me.

"Do you have everything?" The high Priest asked as everyone pulled away from me.

I handed him the sac with the flower, the canteen of water and the stone wrapped in cloth.

"Then let the cleansing begin!" The village erupted into song, a fire was lit and people danced around it singing. "Go dance! Celebrate!" Declan, the group and I all joined the dancing.

The music slowed into a slow beat of drums as Beau and Miles carried a strange box like object behind the high Priest. They placed it beside the fire. I was a long narrow block that was high enough to reach the waist of Beau, there was two polls sticking out of each end for carrying the box, and the top seemed to arch inwards as if someone was lying on it.

"Livia, you are worthy enough to receive the gifts of Creatrix. Do you accept?"

"I do."

"Lie on the cleansing bed." I was about to sit on the bed when a small purple dragons landed with a bit of difficulty beside me.

It rolled over back onto its feet and looked around. It was the same Nuntius that helped us find Declan. It spotted me and came running over. I took the letter from its neck and read it to myself.

"What is it Livia?" Ryder asked.

"My mother, she had the baby." I paused and everyone cheered. "Now she's dying." Tears filled my eyes.

"Livia, I'm sorry." Beau spoke up. I simply brushed him off.

"Declan we have to go back. She needs us! Dad needs us!" With tears running down his face, Declan called for Nox. We both climbed on.

"I will return when I can. My family needs me."

"Livia!" The high Priest called. "Be safe, the cleansing can wait for you."


That one turned out super short! Wow! I'm sorry. Oh well.


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