"Wake up, wake up, wake up!!" I scream while jumping up and down on my parents bed. Today is my 16th birthday, and anyone who wants to make a name for themselves know they have to start young. I've been waiting for this day since I was a young kid.

My family and I live on a small island in the middle of a large body of water, Aevitas, the small population call the island Totum. There's one village at the southern part of the island, where I live, called Parva. No one knows for sure how we came to live on this island and we have no way off to find other lands. And of course we live with dragons, there's many different species, from water to fire, diamond to steal, and every time someone asks me what my favourite breed is I always say Ultima, they all think I'm crazy, but my goal I to see one up close. The Ultima is the only dragon that no one has seen let alone gotten close to, but we all know it's there.

Today I will start learning how to catch, train and if necessary kill dragons. Dragon warriors all participate in training and only one "newbie" as they call them, will continue to train with the others that passed before them. And I plan on being that one to pass.

The nice loud thud from me falling to the floor when my dad pushed me off the bed woke up our cat who gave me an annoyed look as she left the room. Now lying on my stomach in the middle of the floor, with my mom chuckling under the covers, my dad finally got out of bed.

"I'm up, I'm up. Go get ready." My dad mumbled as he walked over to the bathroom.

"I am ready." I mumbled as I got up and went back to my room to get my boots. I then headed out to get the horse and cart ready. I had just finished when my parents came out.

"You ready?" My dad asked as he made sure I put everything together properly.

"Duh." I replied as if he really didn't needed to ask. I gave my mom a huge hug good bye and we were on our way to the north training grounds.

I was on a rant of random stuff that neither my dad or I understood. It was mostly about how excited I am to finally get to be with actual dragons and learn even more about them. I looked over at my dad, he had leathers and furs on to keep him safe from the cold weather, he has a long black beard and hair to match, everyone always says put a beard on me and I'll look just like him, I don't see it. His face was pink from the cold wind, normally it's a little warmer this time of year, but not this year, I could see excitement in his green eyes but his face showed no emotion.

I turned my face back to the dirt road ahead only to get a face full of my own long black hair. I had to fight with it to get it out of my mouth but once it got it out of my face I could see the distant training arena. There was the largest building on the island, the stadium, where training takes place as well as many events that I've never been to because my dad always has to work at the blacksmith's forge and my mom has no interest in dragons other than keeping them away from our animals.

In the sky above the stadium there was a few dragons with riders flying around. I starred in awe wondering if one of the riders is Ryder Malcolm. He's known by everyone on the island but doesn't live in the village so not a lot of people have actually met him, I bet he's amazing.

Back to reality now, my dad pulled the cart up to a post and tied our horse to it. I hopped out and pull my things from the back of the cart, but quickly dropped everything when I saw Beau, my best friend. I ran over to him and leaped into his strong arms and gave him a big hug.

"Hey, what took you so long?" He asked as he let go of me.

"My dad wouldn't wake up." I answered knowing my dad was right behind me.

"Get your butt inside." My dad pushed me towards the door. Beau followed us giggling at my dad and I.

My dad and I walked up to a large woman behind a table. My dad started talking to her as my mind drifted to the room around me. Many people walking around, they all looked so busy, running here and there. I'm lucky to have Beau, this is his second year of training, he was clearly the best in his class and he promised to help me out if I need it. My dad gave me a piece of paper with my cabin number on it.

Beau knows where it is and I followed behind. I'm in cabin 7, with 9 other girls. There's two circles of 10 cabins, one circle for the girls and one for the boys. In the centre of the circles are statues of dragons, the water dragon, acquas, was in the centre of the girls cabin, and the boys had the fire dragon, spara. They are carved out of stone, most likely marble, the most common stone on the island.

We got to my cabin, I nervously stepped in where four girls were sitting on their bunks talking. I took my bags from Beau and thanked him before walking in.

The last bunk looked empty, so I quietly made my way back as the other girls watched me. I set my bags down then flopped down on the bed. Within minutes I was asleep.

I was woken by someone poking my cheek, my eyes opened to see a stranger, out of fear I rolled off the opposite side of the bed.

"Sorry about that. I thought I'd let you know that supper is soon."

"Oh thanks. I'm Livia."

"No problem, I'm Max." We shook hands as I still rubbed my head after hitting on the wooden floor. "That's Thalia, Veronica, Bethany, Sandra, Harper, Annabelle, Zoella, Ingrid and Jemma." Max said as she pointed to each girl. I waved shyly.

"We should head to dinner." Zoella said standing up from her bed. I found out she's the oldest at 19 years old, Annabelle and Ingrid are the youngest at 16 so I'll be seeing a lot of them.

We all followed behind Zoella back to the arena. There was a few dragons flying around the arena, it looks as if they're trying to capture one. Max thinks one got out of the stables. Inside the dinning hall there was rows of tables, a stage at one end where the instructors sit, pillars every few feet, and statues all around the walls.

We sat down at an empty table, there was food along the centre with plates on each side. I sat down beside Max with Annabelle on the other side. There was a lot of different food, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and pitchers of milk and water.

After dinner we got an hour to ourselves to do what we like before bed. I decided to go to bed early so I can be fresh for the first day, I only have a week to get noticed before they choose the one newbie.

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