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"Come on mom!" Anna urged.

"Don't rush me, my knees are bad, you know that," I groaned, continuing the trek up the large hill.

"You're 47," Hayden laughed.

"You still fight villains like you're twenty."

"That's still old, you live with these knees for a day and you'll see," I defended. Dick grabbed my hand and helped me take the last few steps up the hill to the flat top.


I gasped, stepping back. The entire team and league were standing there, a banner behind them, 'Happy 40 Years'.

"What is this?" I questioned, grinning giddily.

"Forty years ago you were seven, and we rescued you," Clark smiled.

"You're making me feel old." I groaned.

"How do you think we feel?" Everyone asked in union.

"We just wanted to commemorate everything that's happened," Izumi hugged me.

"I came here for embarrassing stories about you guys," Dash chuckled.

"Well there was the bathroom incident when they were twelve," Conner started.

"And when they met," Wally added.

"Or the times we walked in on them nearly kissing," M'gann sighed.

"Then there was your guys' prom," Artemis laughed.

"Let's not forget the pink hair," Kaldur finished.

"Well thanks, for giving out kids great blackmail," I glared jokingly.

"We were awkward when we were younger," Dick smiled sheepishly.

"Never grew out of it," Bruce slapped Dick's shoulder.

Spotting Bart talking to Cassie and Jaime I weaved my way over to him, tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention.

"It's kind of obvious, but I just want to make sure. The whole 'charging the weapon that's going to end the world' thing, that's not going to happen now right?" I asked hopefully.

"Everything's crash," he grinned, "The league is starting to make a machine so I can go home. It's going to be weird, since I'm basically only going twenty years into the future."

"Will we remember what happened?"

"You should, I don't want to get a headache thinking about it though. You'll have pictures of me though, so if you don't you'll remember Impulse, the most crash person on the team!"

I laughed, looking around me. Blood or not, this was my family, my bloodline.

"(Y/n)," I heard a whisper. Looking up I saw my parents' misty forms, "We're so proud of you, we love you (Y/n)."

"We love you (Y/n)!" The team shouted, starting a group hug.

"I love you guys too," I giggled, I looked to where my parents were standing a few seconds ago, a small mist all that was left. "I love all of you."

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