Chapter 7: Bonding

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It was a boring day at the cave for sure. A majority was out on a recon mission, more Brain stuff. Nightwing refused to let me go since the last time was a complete disaster, even though I couldn't disagree with him, I was still slightly mad.

"I'm not going to sneak out and join the team on the mission!" An angry voice yelled.

I walked towards the source of the shout. Jaime was in the training room fighting against sims, while talking to himself. I walked into the room slightly, still barely visible. Jaime continued to talk to himself.

"Jaime," I called. he snapped his head in my direction, the computer automatically erasing the sims. His armor retreated back into the scarab.

"Y-yes (Y/n)?" He asked nervously.

"Do you-" I paused, if I was wrong then he was going to think I was crazy, "Do you hear voices too?"

"No, Hermana I- you hear voices too?" He whispered walking closer to me.

"I'll tell you about mine if you tell me about yours." I offered, nodding towards the vacant living room.

Once both of us sat down and got comfortable Jaime spoke first, breaking the thick silence. His voice was quiet, slightly untrusting. I couldn't blame him, I wasn't telling the team about B.E.M again.

"It's the scarab that talks to me. He gives me suggestions that are irrational, dangerous, and violent."

"Like me!" B.E.M beamed, dust from the cave coming together to form her- my figure. I shot her a glare then turned back to Jaime.

"I don't listen to it unless it's the only way." He finished. I nodded and smiled, assuring him that he wouldn't be kicked off the team for something like that.

"My turn... five years ago, when it was just the original six, I began to see a copy of myself, a figment of my imagination. She was my other instinct, trying to convince me to chose evil on my fourteenth birthday," I took in a deep shaky breath, no longer looking at Jaime, but at B.E.M, "I obviously chose good. I ignore the other side of my, B.E.M isn't here anymore, but like any instinct, there's still that urge to do the wrong thing."

"Thank you, Buena maldad."

I chuckled, Buena maldad means good evil, it was honestly the best nickname I had ever been given.

"I got to go, bye Jaime."


I zeta-d back to Blüdhaven. Walking out of the alley to my penthouse. The streets were mainly empty besides the occasional taxi, or bystander.

I let out a sigh and walked into my kitchen, looking through the cupboards until I found a box of pasta. I grabbed vegetables from the fridge setting them out on the counter. I put a pot on the counter turning the sink on. I moved my hands, bending the water into the pot. I hadn't been using my bending much so I had to get back in the game.

I put the pot on the stove, making sure that I didn't spill any water. I put my finger near the bottom, lighting the stove. It was going to take a while for the water to boil so I turned the TV on listening to the news.

"Rising talent (Y/n) (L/n) continues to astound everyone. While we have been unsuccessful in getting an interview so far, we hope to soon find out more about her personal life. Is hers and Dick Grayson's relationship merely public? Or is it really true love?"

I quickly turned the TV off, enough of the news for tonight. I switched to playing music off of my phone. B.E.M appeared and we had a staring contest.

"You haven't told them about me," she broke the silence, repeating what she had been since she came back.

"What would I tell them? My bad instinct is stronger? I lied to them?"

"You've been ignoring your demon instincts for the past 5 years!" B.E.M shouted.

"And now I can't ignore it, can I?"

B.E.M held her hand out to me, I looked at it suspiciously. I was not going to try to take her hand, and have my hand go right through it because she was made of dust (yet somehow was colorful).

"If you can't ignore it, accept it. Accept it ad your two instincts will join into one, you'll be more powerful than anything this world has ever seen."

"I'm not going to accept the demon." I scoffed crossing my arms and shaking my head. B.E.M looked annoyed, like I was a kid who refused to do their homework.

I heard a sizzling and quickly ran to the pot, extinguishing the small flame from the stove.

I'm never going to accept the demon.

"You can think that, but we both know that's a lie." B.E.M whispered.


B.E.M is back and creepier than ever! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! See you next time! Byyee!


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