Chapter 14: Life Advice

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When I had come back Dick was gone. The reality of what had happened between us sunk in and I chose to do absolutely nothing the next week but mope and eat ice cream on the couch while watching romance movies.

I had called in sick for work and since all of my classes had a website I did my homework online. There was no reason for me to leave the penthouse when I could wear a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants and mope all day.

I reached forward and unwrapped another piece of chocolate, watching as the guy in the movie I was watching told the girl that he'll love her forever and would never fight with her. Angered, I threw the candy at the TV.

"Liar!" I yelled, not bothering to pick of the thrown sweet. Instead I unwrapped another one and popped it into my mouth.

I would have to work out so hard to work off the three gallons of ice cream and 5 bags of candy I had gone through. Luckily, heroes tend to do that well when fighting villains constantly.

Deciding that I should do something other than rot away and not leave the apartment I changed out of my clothes into something that looked presentable. Time for the public to think that I didn't die.

Once I was done getting ready I reached for my necklace, only to find that it wasn't there. I had been doing that a lot lately, and every time I got a bit sadder when it wasn't there. This impulse made me want to crawl back under blankets and throw chocolate at the TV again.

I made my way to the elevator, peeking around corners to make sure Dick wasn't anywhere. I sprinted into the elevator and pressed the lobby button. As the elevator was descending one of my songs actually came on, and I wanted to die right there. My music was being played in an elevator.

As soon as the doors opened I booked it, almost running out of the building doors and onto the bustling streets of Blüdhaven. I found myself automatically walking towards the park of the city.

As soon as the trees came into sight I walked faster, claiming a secluded bench farther in the park. I took the silence as a chance to lean back and look at the nature around me.

"What's got you down?" A voice spoke from beside me.

I jumped and turned towards the source of the voice. An elderly woman sat next to me, she had strangely straight silver-white hair and was wearing clothes that seemed young for her age.

"Boy troubles," I sighed, something about her told me I could talk to her. It's not like she knew me very well anyways. "I let this happen, I should have been more careful, I should have been more open. What do I do?"

"What are you talking about?" The woman questioned, "You're (H/n)! Pull yourself together!" (Edna from The Incredibles😂)

The woman started hitting me lightly with a pink umbrella that had seemingly appeared in her hands.

"Ow, ow! Okay, okay! I'll go talk to him!" I yelled jumping up to evade more umbrella hits. I started to walk out of the park when I realized she knew I was (H/n).

"How did you know I was-" I stopped when I saw no one on the bench. There was no trace of her anywhere. I shook my head, continuing to walk back to the apartment, "I need to go to therapy."

I ran all the way back to the apartment. Instead of wishing that I wouldn't see Dick I was praying I would run into him. I ran into my apartment first to drop off my keys. As I was going to go back out the door I did a double take.

Rose petals were dropped, forming a path onto the terrace. Instead of lights, candles were lit. I followed the roses until I reached the end. Looking up I giggled when I saw Dick standing in a suit, holding a rose.

"I know what I did was wrong, and I'm so sorry (Y/n). I love you, and I don't want you to be mad at me," I took the rose from his hand, a small smile playing on my lips. "I fixed this too."

I gasped when he showed me the necklace, it was in perfect condition. I gingerly took it out of the velvet box, in a way it seemed better than before. Dick took it from my hands and put it on me, his cold hands raising goose bumps on my skin.

I turned around to face him, he was truly sorry. He lifted my chin up and gently rubbed his thumbs over my once tear stained cheeks. We leaned closer towards each other, a force brining us closer together.

"I am so sorry (Y/n). I was stupid, I just...Five years ago I almost lost you, I can't lose you again. I love you too much for that. I know that love is just a drop in the ocean, and that we could die tomorrow, and I am in love with you."

I smiled slightly, a tear rolling down my blushing cheek. I wrapped one of my arms around his neck and brought my lips to his. He rested his hands of my waist. There wasn't fire, or lust in the kiss, it was loving and forgiving. In a word, perfect.

"Oh barf, are you really falling for all of this mushy crap?" B.E.M groaned from the banister of the terrace.

I ignored her, I ignored her like I should have when she first came back. When Dick and I broke apart and I gave him another smile and hugged him.

"You know if you switched the necklace out with a ring this would be a proposal." I smirked slyly.

"And if it were, would you say yes?"

"If I weren't 19 then yes. I wouldn't be able to drink at my own wedding."

"New Years is coming up, then you'll be 20."

"That's right! Christmas is next week!" I groaned, regretting only sitting on the couch and moping instead of shopping.

"You still have to buy presents don't you?"


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