Chapter 1: New Recruit, New Home

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(Y/n)= Your name

(H/n)= Your Hero Name

(H/c)= Hair Color

(F/c)= Favorite Color

Hero costume in the picture above. It was made using, the design is mine but the website used to make it is not and I'm not claiming I own Dolldivine.


"You ready (Y/n)?" A knock sounded from my door. I rolled my eyes playfully, even though no one was in the room with me. I was always the last one changing.

"Just a sec." I called back slipping on my new uniforms boots. I stood up straight in front of my body length mirror, I felt weird in this new costume, there was a skirt! I would have to get used to that, I was just glad I made the choice of putting legging type pants with my costume too.

I turned away from the mirror and walked to the door. I stepped out of my room and came face to face with Robin, or Nightwing now I suppose. I looked him over in his new costume. It was mainly black with a few gray pieces over the stomach. A blue bird was on his chest, and there was a belt with different pouches and holsters. It was easy to assume there were more hidden weapons in his costume. We nodded to each other and started to walk towards the living room.

"Introducing (H/n) and... Nightwing!" I announced as we walked in.

"Look at you two," Wally teased. I rolled my eyes and spun in a circle, my skirt flowing in a small circle with me.

"Since I'm the teams leader I figured I'd start fresh." Nightwing shrugged. We had all agreed last week that he was old enough, and mature enough to become the teams leader now. Perfect timing too, since we have new recruits coming. Can't wait to have to deal with them.

"Just in time too, the new recruits are coming tomorrow." Aqualad reminded us.


I woke up the next morning and sat up in my bed. I looked around my room with slightly sad eyes. It was almost completely empty now. Boxes were everywhere, and all of my things were packed up. It was officially moving day. I had been living here for the past 12 years, it was going to be hard to leave.

I put on my uniform and walked out into the den. Nightwing, M'gann, and Superboy were already there, waiting for the rest of us. I could already tell who was going to be last, KF, the one who somehow manages to be late for everything. The only exception was his wedding, but Artemis would have killed him if he was late for it.

Aqualad and Artemis arrived soon after I did. I let out a sigh, checking my phone for the time. The new recruits would be here in five minutes and KF still wasn't here. Called it.

"I swear he was right behind me," Artemis mumbled. I snorted, shaking my head. No one was really surprised, we had known him for years, by now we should have known to tell him a time that was earlier than ours.

"Kid Flash: BO3"

"I'm here!" KF yelled skidding to a halt next to Artemis, kissing her on the cheek.

"Finally," we all groaned.

"Team." Batman walked in with basically a herd of people behind him, "these are the new recruits. Robin, Batgirl, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Bumblebee, Lagoon boy, and Wondergirl."

"Welcome to the team guys," I greeted kindly, stepping forward, "M'gann will give you the tour."

When the herd followed after M'gann, I sighed and leaned against Nightwing's side. He wrapped his arm around my waist, kissing my temple in the process.

"Go change," I nudged him, "You have to help me carry everything."

He groaned, but complied, nodding slowly. I chuckled and made my way to my old room to change.

Once I was done changing I picked up a few boxes and lugged them out into the hall where Dick was waiting. I shifted the boxes in my hands so I could face him easier.

"Now, Dick Grayson, the rest of the boxes are awaiting," I giggled stepping out of the way of my room door so he could get in.

Dick sighed, but walked into my old room, picking up the boxes and followed me to the zeta tube. I walked through and arrived at my new home city. Blüdhaven.

"Apartment's this way," Dick motioned with his head, since he had boxes in his hands.

He led me to a large, nice looking apartment complex. I shifted the boxes and followed after him into the elevator. Your apartment number is 9J, that's on the tenth and highest floor. I'm right across the hall from you," he informed me, "Remind me again, why you're moving here."

"Blüdhaven is where my college is. Moving here is so much easier than having to zeta and walk there. Now I just have to move my car here."

"And you're majoring in..."

"Mythology and folklore," I laughed, "I'm a supernatural being so why not study them? I can get a job as a professor after."

"Really? I thought you'd be a model or singer. You're amazing enough to do both."

I blushed and the elevator doors opened. We then started to walk towards my room.

"I have a side modeling job lined up, but I want to teach too, not only that but I'll be singing at a few places too, don't worry." I said teasingly. We reached my door and I struggled to put the key in the lock. Once the door finally swung open I gasped, "This isn't an apartment, it's a penthouse."

"Present from Bruce." Dick nodded.

The penthouse was beautiful, I dropped my stuff off in my room. I didn't need much since the penthouse was pretty much already perfect. All I really had to do was unpack and get food.

"One spare key for you," I handed Dick a spare key then started laughing, "I'm going to have to make so many copies of my key."

"Need any help unpacking?" He questioned looking around the penthouse.

"No, thank you though. It's weird not being at the cave." I mumbled.

Dick left, closing my penthouse door behind him. I made a mental note to go grocery shopping the next day.

Funny, my heart belongs to Dick. Dick is right across the hall. Home is where the heart is, I guess I'm home.


Yay! First official chapter is up! I do hope you enjoyed it! See you next time! Byyee!


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