Chapter 2: New Mission, Old Faces

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I was training at the cave with M'gann in the main training area. Powers were allowed in the match, so things were getting interesting. Luckily, I quickly picked up how to fight in a skirt quickly, M'gann gave me some pointers too, she was such a helpful person sometimes it was annoying.

"Team, report for mission debriefing." Nightwing's voice came over the cave's main com. M'gann and I were already in uniform so we just went straight to the den. The other team members slowly trickled in a few seconds later.

"M'gann, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Artemis, Superboy, and I are alpha. Blue Beetle, Wondergirl, and Lagoon boy are gamma. Robin, Batgirl, Beast Boy, and Bumblebee are beta."

I crossed my arms. It would have been a different story if a few members of the team were out, but this was just me.

"Ahem," I spoke up, everyone turned to me, "Where exactly, am I in this?"

"Oh, (H/n), I-I think you should sit out on this one." Nightwing said, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. I gave him a glare that would make even Batman shiver, and it has before, I was a very temperamental child.

"And why would I do that? What's the mission?"

Nightwing sighed loudly, "The Brain and Monsieur Mallah have been seen near Pembrey Wood in the United Kingdom. This is going to be a recon mission."

The new recruits looked at our exchange with confusion. Sure, they knew some of my background, but not all of it, they were still too new for that. They didn't need to know about that yet anyways.

"I'll be fine, honestly." I insisted, a look of determination crossing over my face. " I'm going on that mission."


I jumped out of the bio-ship with the rest of the team. We split up into the assigned groups, I went with the old team since I worked best with them. This was an observe and report mission, but considering how those went in the past, things wouldn't stay quiet. I still reassured myself that nothing bad could happen when I was with the team.

As we were running through the forest, I heard a slight rustling to my right, and stopped.

"Did you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?"

The noise sounded again, only this time from seven different spots. We all nodded to each other and walked in separate directions. I walked cautiously towards the sound.

When I got closer to the noise, and farther from the team, something pierced the back of my neck causing me to yelp. My hand instantly went to my neck. I pulled a black dart out of my skin. Gosh dangit! I knew something like this would happen, recon missions never work out that way!

"Guys! I've been-"

I didn't get to finish before I fell over. I felt a branch scratch my arm deeply as I fell, I couldn't feel the pain of it before I black out.

Nightwing's P.O.V

"Guys," (H/n) yelled into the mindlink, "I've been -"

She never finished her sentence. Worry overcame me as my mind began going through the worst possible scenarios. I forgot all about caution and began crashing back towards our original separation spot.

"(H/n)?" M'gann asked slowly and nervously.

"Regroup." I ordered already very near our original spot.

Waiting for the team was a new form of torture. Every second it took for them to get back was another second (Y/n) was in trouble. I knew she shouldn't have come on this mission, but no, she had to be stubborn. Another reason why I love her I guess.

"She went this way," Artemis pointed when everyone got there.

We cautiously walked that way, knowing that whatever got (H/n) could still be there. There were broken twigs marking where (H/n) went.

KF gasped suddenly, bending down, "You guys need to see this."

A pool of blood was on the ground, a dart next to it. I didn't need to get a sample of the blood, we all knew already it was (H/n)'s, it had a darker black-ish tint to it, like her blood always had. I picked up the dart and put it in one of my pockets. By the way the braches were cracked, and how the blood was spread out, she was dragged.

We followed both the dragging trail, and the blood until we came upon a large circular clearing. In the middle of it was a laboratory like building.

"In there, that's where she is, I know it." I whispered preparing to jump out of the tree line. Aqualad grabbed my arm stopping me.

"It is unwise to go in without the rest of the team, and a plan." He cautioned me.

"But she's-"

"Aqualad's right," Superboy interrupted me, "It's suicide to go barging in there like this, and that's coming from me."

I huffed angry and frustrated, bringing my hand up to the com piece in my ear, "Team, report back to the bio-ship immediately... something's happened."

"Do you think she's okay?" KF asked quietly.

"She's the strongest being in the world, universe for that matter. She'll be fine." Artemis assured him, but it seemed like she was trying to assure herself too.


Back at the cave I put the dart in the advanced scanner, praying that it wasn't poisoned.

"What happened Niño?" Blue Beetle asked, his armor receding into the scarab.

"(Y/n) was investigating. Got shot with a dart, was dragged to a lab." I stated plainly, on the inside, I was dying.

"As much as I would love to find (Y/n), I have to go." Bumblebee sighed. I gave her a stiff and quick nod.

The computer beeped signaling that the scan was done. I ran to the computer and looked at the screen, my eyes scanning over the words reporting what the dart was containing.

"Traces of concentrated chloroform. Do you know what this means?" I looked at the team.

They were all silent until Wally spoke up, "Um no, no we don't."

I sighed in frustration, honestly. "It means that they wanted (Y/n) alive."


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