Chapter 30: Busy Days

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"Dash's track meet is at nine, Izumi and Hayden's figure skating at eleven, Cole's wrestling at one, and Anna's ballet recital at two."

"We can do this, right?" Dick asked me, I nodded herding the kids to the car.

"Yeah, we have people from the team and league coming to each one and taking the kids to their house after too."

First off was the track meet, Wally, Artemis, Fletcher, and Maryse came to that, with all of us we took up an entire row of bleachers. When the boys started running we were screaming louder than anyone else.

"Don't go too fast!"

"But win!"

"Make it close!"

Dash gave us a confused look as he continued to run.

"Go, go, go!"

Dash sped up a bit and crossed the finish line first. All of us stood up cheering excitedly. Next up, figure skating.


We sat down in the seats at the ice rink. This time M'gann, Conner, and Prim were with us. As the performance started, and Hayden lifted Izumi up Conner burst out laughing.

After the performance as Dick was talking to Hayden and Izumi I walked up to Conner.

"Why were you laughing?" I asked.

"When Hayden lifted Izumi up, the entire time they whispered 'I hate you' to each other."

I let out a laugh, looking at the two eldest, they were always competing with each other.


Dick, Damian, and I sat down in one of the seats at the wrestling match just as Cole was starting. We made it clear that no dirt or dust anywhere during the match would be seen moving unnaturally.

Both Cole and who he was fighting were pretty evenly matched surprisingly, but when his opponent went in for a tackle Cole's hero instincts kicked in and he ducked under, pinning the kid.

"Go Cole!"


The lights dimmed in the theatre as the performance began. Bruce and Jr. were with us this time, seeing as how little Anna - technically the youngest, despite being a twin- was their favorite, despite their arguments.

As the music began to play, and the curtains opened, Anna came out. It was times like these we could all tell that air was her element, she was calm, gentle, and light on her feet. Not to mention scary flexible, just like her Dad.

Bruce already began to cry and I rolled my eyes, pulling tissues out of my purse, this is why I kept them in there. Who knew Bruce Wayne was such a softy.

When the performance was done Bruce and Jr. ran up to Anna and have her death hugs, almost crying again. It was really quite comical.

"We're doing pretty good with this whole parent thing, huh?" Dick nudged me.

"I should hope so, we've only had kids for fourteen years," I laughed, "I feel old now."

"Heroes don't age on the outside," Dick assured me.

"Easy for you to say, you can still do back-flips and splits."

"I was raised in the circus honey."

"Still, it's not normal!"

"Who's to say what's normal?"

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