Chapter 24: Major Engagement

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"Dinner under the stars," I sighed dreamily as the elevator was going towards our penthouses.

We had just got back from a birthday dinner date. I was going to be 21 in 11 minutes (it was 11:49). Dick had recently bought different kinds of alcohol and we were going to see which ones I liked best.

The elevator opened up and Dick led me to his apartment. When he entered he grabbed a cloth and wrapped it around my head.

"Dick?" I questioned.

"Trust me," he whispered, leading me through the penthouse. Cold winter air running over my bare arms let me know we had made our way onto the terrace. His hand let go of mine soon after, "You can take the blindfold off now."

I threw off the piece of fabric, glad to have my eyesight back. In front of me was a large TV screen, with 11:50 in the corner. Pictures of me and Dick spread across the screen. Our song playing faintly in the background.

As the video continued on, the grin on my face continued to get bigger, it took all of my self control not to burst out crying. When the slideshow finished it was 11:58. I turned around, gasping immediately. The team and league were lined up along the terrace. Each and every one of them holding a black rose. Dick was bent down on one knee, a beautiful shinning ring glittering in his hand.

"(Y/n)...(Y/n) I don't even know how to start this. Most people have a long speech about when they first met or their first kiss. Our first kiss was when we though we were going to die."

I laughed lightly, covering my mouth with my hand. This was my Dick Grayson, on one knee, proposing.

"We're heroes, we've been through and lost so much...So many. We could die young. I can't promise you a lifetime, but I can promise you more love then I ever though was possible, love that's still growing. (Y/n) (L/n) will you-"

"Just say yes already!" Wally yelled.

"Don't ruin the romance," Artemis hissed.

"Yes, yes I will marry the crap out of you Dick Grayson!"

Dick slipped the ring onto my finer, pulling me into kiss. Everyone cheered, throwing their rose into the air.

A deadly beauty.

A familiar face stepped forward. It was none other than Jason Todd.

"Jason?" I whispered, pulling him into a bone-crushing hug. I hadn't seen him since he was Robin. "Look at you."

"Hey soon to be big sis," he smirked. Then turned to Dick, "If you try to run I will walk you down the aisle at gunpoint."

"Thanks Jay, I love you too."

(Engagement ring)

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(Engagement ring)

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