Chapter 22: Fletcher Warren West

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May 13, 1:58 AM

It was around two in the morning when I got a call from Wally. I groaned grabbing my phone and answering the call.


"It's Artemis!" He screeched. I shot up turning on my lights, grabbing random clothes and putting them on.

"Where are you?" I asked walking into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. I bent some cold water, adding mix and mixing it quickly.

"At the hospital, everyone is almost here. I just called Dick."

"I'll be there soon, good luck,"

I ended the call and walked out of my apartment. Running into Dick on my way to the elevator.

"That hot chocolate?" He asked as I pressed the ground floor button I smirked and handed him the cup. He took a sip before coughing.

"That's cold hot chocolate."

I took the cup back and heated up my hands, keeping them hot for another thirty seconds before cooling them down and taking a sip of the hot chocolate.

We exited the elevator and got into my car. I turned it on and drove to the nearest zeta-tube, we went through and caught a cab before arriving at the hospital.

We got in and met everyone else in the waiting room. Wally was in the room with Artemis, while Jade was pacing around nervously.

"How soon, do you know?" I asked her. She stopped her pacing and turned to face me.

"She started pushing around twenty minutes ago, so soon I hope," she sighed.

"Artemis is strong, she'll be fine."


Two hours later and Wally ran out of the hospital room.

"He's fine, so is Artemis," when he said that all of us let out a sigh of relief. "Old team and family first."

Those of us who were allowed went in. Artemis was holding a little boy swaddled in blankets. He continued the standing tradition by having the famous West-Allen red hair, and Artemis' brown eyes.

"Fletcher Warren West," Artemis beamed, rocking the baby gently.

"Warren was the closest she would get to Wallace," Wally chuckled.

"I want one," I mumbled leaning over closer to Dick, a heavy blush spreading over his face.

"Someday (Y/n), someday."

Fletcher Warren West, born May 13, 4:02 AM

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Fletcher Warren West, born May 13, 4:02 AM

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