Bonus Chapter: Freak Out

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Nightwing's P.O.V

I stepped out of the shower, wrapping a clean towel around my waist. As I looked into the mirror I let a horrified gasp. My hair...was pink. Oh dear lord.

I ran out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, throwing on random clothes and a cap.

"Where are you going so fast?" (Y/n) asked as my hand touched the door handle.

"Out, Bruce needs me."

I ran out of the front door and out to the barn where the zeta-tube was hidden. I ran through and I was at Artemis and Wally's house.

"Wally," I yelled when I reached their house. Wally came running towards me, a smiling Fletcher right after.

"Hey Uncle Dick!"

"Hey Fletcher! Wally, we have a problem." I took off the cap. As soon as I did Wally almost started crying because of how hard he was laughing.

"L-let's get Alfred, he can fix anything. Artemis!" A four month pregnant Artemis walked out of the kitchen, "Dick and I will be gone for an hour or two."

"Have fun, nice hair by the way."

Wally and I left the house and made it to the manor after zeta-ing to the Batcave.

"Alfred!" I called out.

"Yes Master Di- Oh dear, come."

He ushered me into the living room, where he looked over my hair.

"Not much you can do but wait for it to wash out. In the meantime. Master Bruce has someone for you to meet."

Bruce walked in with a kid behind him, everything about him screamed 'Wayne', besides his eyes.

"This is Damian," Bruce started.

"Hello Grayson, I'm the blood son," Damian smirked.

"Blood son?"

"Talia Al Ghul," Alfred sighed.

"By the way Grayson, white in the shampoo, pink in the conditioner works well enough, as you can see."

"You did this to me?"

"I believe your wife and I will get along accordingly."

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