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5 years ago I was a wide eyed, confused, 13 year old, with a tragic past and powers. I was given a choice between good and evil. For any other person the choice would be clear, everyone is one or the other, day or night. I never had that privilege. Half Lord of Order, half demon, I was stuck in between, I was dawn and twilight. If someone told me I was the most powerful being in the world, I would have laughed at them.

It doesn't see, so crazy anymore.

Born on January 1st at 12:00 AM exactly. My birth was just the start of a crazy  life. I was raised like any other child, only I was homeschooled and didn't have any friends, it wasn't my fault. My parents, both worked from home and we lived far out in the country, far from any city.

My mother was a rogue demon, Lilith, the first Demon made. She was hiding from those who wanted to drag her back to Hell. She wanted to be good, and not be doomed to Hell, but have the chance for Heaven. It was easy to tell she wasn't exactly human, because of her eyes. Deep, never ending, pools of inky blackness. Some say she was made without a heart, or a soul. But she gave herself up for me, she knew that what Demons did was wrong.

Then she met my dad a runaway Lord of Order kept on Earth by wearing a grand gold ring with a blue gem. The Lord of Order's looked down on love and compassion, and that was exactly what he ran away to find. The Lords were after him too. He was Azriel, named after the Angel of destruction, fitting since he married a Demon. The Lords were after him too.

I imagine my parents meeting in a forest. They perked up, after slouching, both of them had the weight of the world on their shoudlers. They knew that they were meant to be together.

"Let's run away, together." I imagine my dad saying, a smile on his face.

They eventually settled down, where they thought they couldn't be found. Then, I came into the picture. (Y/n), (M/n), (L/N). I think they could tell I was special. Water found it's way to me when I was sad, when I was excited pebbles would float, fires started when I was angry, and when I calmed down, a gentle wind settled over the house.

Others noticed I was special too. A villain call the Brain, he constantly offered my parents riches for me. They always denied. Nothing would take their little girl away from them.

Then they found my parents, the demons, and the lords. At the time I was 3, they gave me to Brain before they were killed. Sometimes, when I'm in my bed at night, and I feel like I have all the time in the world to just stare at the ceiling and think. I do, I ask myself why they would give their child to the Brain. So I wouldn't be found? Would they have killed me?

I was tortured everyday for the next 3 years of my life, luckily I had become quite smart while listening to the Brain. I only remembered one thing about my parents at that point.

"You, (Y/n) (L/n) are a very special girl. This has to be done. Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you. Be brave (Y/n), be strong." My Mother's words kept me alive, kept me sane.

I don't remember much about my rescue. Just loud noises and a lot of people. Someone took me out of my cage and brought me to a cave carved into the side of a mountain.

My life was a blur after that. Justice League. Training. The cave. Refusing to be adopted. Becoming (H/n). Meeting Wally. Meeting him... Boy Wonder. I was the first one to know who he really was, I was the Justice League's daughter, I knew more about them than they did.

The team was formed and I had another family, people who accepted me, who I would choose every time. Until I found out I was half demon...

My eyes would turn black and I would see a copy of myself, my demon self. Black eyed me, or B.E.M, I called her. I would become angry so much easier. I soon found out, on  my fourteenth birthday I would have to choose between good or evil. B.E.M (who was a figment of my imagination and harmless, to others at least) tried to convince me to pick evil.

I almost did too. But I looked at the team, I looked at my Robin, and I chose good (and kissed Robin... a lot).

That night I went to the Justice League's super computer. A computer with the power to delete any knowledge known, and I deleted my parents. I had to move on.

Now I'm a 19 year old hero in college. I still ignore the demon side of, I couldn't accept it. Besides all this I'm your average girl. Boyfriend, school, friends. I thought a part of me could be normal.

Normal wasn't in my bloodline.


Oh, my, goodness! The second book is published! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! The future ones will be longer, I promise! See you next time! Byyee!


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