Chapter 29: 7 Years Later

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"Izumi stop trying to drown Hayden!" I ordered pulling the siblings apart.

"She started it! She called me little, I'm just a year younger!"

"It's not my fault he put his fire near me, my first reaction was to protect myself!"

"I don't want to hear it, I'll get out the get along shirt," I threatened.

"Hey (Y/n)," Dick walked into the kitchen, "Bruce is on the phone. He found a boy in Britain, orphan with speed powers. He wants to know if we wanted to adopt him."

"Why doesn't Wally and Artemis take him in?" I asked moving towards the fridge.

"They've got their hands full with Fletcher and Maryse. Even if Maryse doesn't have powers, she's always experimenting and building."

"I'm okay with it, but the house is going a bit full with seven people in it."

"There only four right now, five with the baby...How many babies are we having?"

"Twins, a boy and a girl," I grinned.

"This is amazing!" Dick laughed, "We can have the twins share a room, we both know Hayden and Izumi won't."

"Great, let's meet him."

"Bruce has him waiting at the manor right now, we just need to sign."

"Izumi, Hayden!" I called out, the two ran towards us excitedly, "We're going to see Grandpa Wayne!"

"Yay!" The kids ran to grab their shoes and went out the back door to the barn where our zeta-tube was hidden.

"I can't wait to show Junior what I've been learning," I heard Izumi beam.

"Speak for yourself," Hayden laughed, "I can't wait to show Damian!"

To years ago Alfred retired. We were all in for a shock when another Pennyworth applied for the job. Alfred Jr. Who would have guessed that Alfred had a secret family of his own.

Dick and I heard the hum of the zeta-tube, indicating the kids had just passed through.

'Are you sure about zeta-tubing?" Dick asked me.

"I'm not that pregnant, I'll be fine."

Dick and I walked through the tube, ending up in the Batcave. Izumi and Hayden were nowhere to be seen, most likely talking to Jr. and Damian.

Bruce was talking to a boy, maybe 9, who was nodding intently. The boy was lean, with blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Hey Bruce," Dick greeted.

"(Y/n), Dick, this is Dash Lane."

"It's nice to meet both of you," Dash smiled. He had an adorable heavy English accent that wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon, hopefully never, it was that adorable.

"Hi Dash, if it's okay with you we're going to be your parents," I smiled gently.

"I'd love for superheroes to be my parents," he grinned.

"Here are the papers," Bruce pushed the papers forward, "Just sign and he'll be Dash Grayson."

I took the pen from beside the papers and signed my name on the line, Dick doing the same. I turned to Dash as he speeded towards us, jumping into Dick's arms, he really was a speedster.

"Who's this Mommy?" Hayden asked, entering the cave with Izumi.

"This is Dash, he's your new big brother," I explained.

"So we're getting a big brother and two little siblings?" Izumi asked, I nodded.

"I think our family's complete," Dick laughed wrapping his arm around my waist.

"For sure," I agreed.

Our family was large sure, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It, they, were perfect.

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