Chapter 28: Pregnancy Pieces

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3 Months

By now I had a nicely sized baby bump. Dick had taken the day off so he could come with me to find out the gender of the baby.

"The gel will be cold," the doctor warned. He put the gel on my stomach and I shivered. Dick grabbed my hand as he moved the device over my stomach.

"Everything looks healthy, see this right here," the doctor pointed at a certain point on the sonogram, "As you can see it's a-"

"Girl," Dick whispered, "We're having a baby girl!"

4 Months

Dick was panicking about every little thing. On top of that I was going through my cravings stage. I had just sent Dick to the store to get more food.

I sat down on the couch, propping my feet up on the coffee table, turning the TV on the a random channel.

"We all can't wait for (Y/n) Grayson to give birth, but is she really ready to have a kid?" The TV show host asked the interviewee.

"It's a controversial subject. She's proven to be great with kids at meet and greets, but she was an orphan jumping around homes. How she be a mother when she never really had one?"

I turned the TV off and looked at my stomach. Worry washed over me. What is I wasn't going to be a good mother? I leaned my head on the arm of the couch, falling asleep.

Terrible mother.

How can she be a mother when she never really had one?

I feel bad for the baby.

Demons aren't meant to be parents.


I woke up with a start. Dick was crouched down in front of me, worry covering his face.

"I'm fine, just a bad dream."

"Okay," he said hesitantly, "I'll be in the kitchen."

Once he was gone I looked down at my stomach with a small smile.

"I already love you. I'm going to try so hard to be a good mom," I whispered, "I don't want you to grow up the way I did, without parents. I'll make sure of it."

6 Months

This was my wacky emotions stage, and it sucked.

I was sitting on the couch when someone burst into the house All of the hero girls were there. Zatanna practically shoved a present into my hands. I gave them a look before opening it. Inside was a mini hero costume.

"I love it," tears began to stream down my face. Everyone looked at me worriedly, I shook my head, pointing at my tears. "I don't know why."


"What are you going to name her?" Artemis asked as the doctor handed my baby girl to me.

"Izumi Mary Grayson," Dick grinned, "Wally, we want you to be the godfather."

Wally's eyes widened, he nodded, looking like he was going to cry. "I'm not going to cry, just give me a minute."

We all laughed, everyone slowly left after seeing the baby, saying I needed rest.

"I'm going to go talk to Wally," Dick kissed my and Izumi's foreheads gently before leaving the hospital room quietly.

"So here you are," I whispered, looking at Izumi, my baby girl. "It seems like yesterday I was holding those positive pregnancy tests. You were a pain, but you're worth it."

Izumi started to cry quietly, I rocked her gently, a tear rolling down my cheek. "Well if you're going to cry."

Dick walked back in to see me and the baby crying, "Hey, you okay?"

"She's beautiful," I whimpered, "She's ours."

"Yeah, our little girl."

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