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So this is just going to be a disclaimer. I DO NOT own ANYTHING related to or from DC, all rights obviously go to DC and any other owners. If for some reason someone from DC and others is reading this, I want you to know I'm writing this because I love your show, and everything about you guys (and girls). I'm 12 okay, I really am writing this to show other people how amazing your company is, so this is like free advertising, okay.

If you think what I'm doing is wrong look at every other person who has written a fanfiction, or a story in general about something you guys made, is what they're doing wrong too? Is us showing how much we love your company wrong? Think of every person who has ever written something like this about anything, is what they're doing wrong. We give the proper owners credit because we don't want credit or money for what we're writing, we want to show how much we love the topic okay? So before you go and report me for my writing have a sense of humanity, and understand that at least three times already I've said that I don't own any of this! Every person who writes fanfiction does the same thing, so please, think about this before you go and try to get me in trouble.

I thank you so so much for considering reading this story, and for understanding my disclaimer. We do this to share our love for topics, not to steal and plagiarize, I swear on my life that I won't take any credit for something belonging to you.


I have died everyday, waiting for you

Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more

A Thousand Years~ By Christina Perri

Always told what to believe

Now nothing is quite what it seemed

It's a battle of head versus heart

Can't tell them apart like before

Midnight~ By Beth Crowley

Put me to the test

I'll prove that I'm strong

Won't let myself believe

That what we feel is wrong

I finally see what

You knew was inside me

All along

Warrior~ By Beth Crowley

I'm an angel with a shotgun

Fighting til' the wars won

I don't care if heaven won't take me back

I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe

Don't you know you're everything I have?

And I, wanna live, not just survive, tonight

Angel With A Shotgun~ By The Cab

All those days chasing down a villain.

All those years, fighting in a blur.

All that time, never really seeing life as it could be.

Now you're here shining like a bright star.

Now you're here suddenly I know.

When you're here it's crystal clear, you're where you're meant to be

I See The Light~ Tangled (Personal edit)

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