Chapter 16: Deadly Injections

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"Team report for mission debrief."

All of us slowly crowded into the den. Awaiting instructions on the new mission. I actually got to go on this one and not be locked in the interrogation room.

"Count Vertigo has been attacking Central City. The Flash is on another mission at the moment, so the missions has been given to us. No separate teams, this isn't recon."

All of us gathered on the caves different vehicles. I was on the bio-ship. While the tension was slightly high like it always was while going to a mission we talked about random topics that came to mind to pass the flight time.

"Landing," Nightwing announced. I jumped out of the ship, landing on the concrete of a large alley. Missions would be more difficult without not only Artemis and Wally, but M'gann and Conner now too.

"Count Vertigo!" I yelled gaining his attention. He was calm, deadly calm.

He lifted up his staff and sent a wave of power towards us. Aqualad was knocked back into me. My back hit the pavement, knocking the wind out of me. I groaned trying to get up.

"Sorry (H/n)," Aqualad apologized helping me up.

Nightwing tackled Vertigo down. It was a sight, both of them rolling around, exchanging punches. I saw Vertigo pull a needle out of his pocket.

"Nightwing!" I screamed running forward, but it was too late. Vertigo basically stabbed Nightwing while injecting what was in the vial.

Nightwing jumped back, shaking on the ground before going limp. Wondergirl leaped forward knocking Vertigo out with a swift punch.

"Get him onto the ship," I ordered quickly, forgetting about Vertigo. This was way more important. Aqualad helped me carry him onto the ship. All the color was drained from his face.


When we got back to the cave Aqualad carried him into the med bay, laying him down on the bed. Robin started hooking him up to the different machines around the bay. I took a blood sample from him, hoping that we could figure out what he was poisoned with and how to help. Vertigo wasn't going to say anything. Blue remembered to pick him up in the haste to get Dick back to the cave.

The next five minutes were torture while I waited for the computer to analyze what he was injected with. The team slowly left the room. Only Robin and I were in there by now.

"Scan complete."

I turned to face the computer. Almost fainting when I saw what the poison was, and what the cure was, or wasn't, really.

"Modified Dream Shade and Iocane. (OUAT and Princess Bride anyone?!) No known cure." I stumbled back into a chair. I felt sick. Nightwing, the love of my life, was going to die. If he died then I would have no reason to stay good, the Demon would take over.

"(Y/n)," Robin said gently. "Why don't you go contact Wally and them."

I nodded numbly, walking out towards the den, the first ones I had to contact were Wally and Artemis. I wasn't ready for this. I had realized when I first became a hero that I could die young, but this wasn't me dying.

"Computer, call Kid Flash."

Wally and Artemis appeared on the screen after the second ring. I took a deep breath, the least I could do was make it look like I wasn't dying on the inside.

"(Y/n), what's wrong" Wally questioned. A tear fell down my cheek, and I didn't bother to wipe it away.

"It's Nightwing," I mumbled. Wally and Artemis gasped, probably thinking this was The Call.

The Call was given to anyone close to a hero that had died in battle. They were rare, but always a possibility. The Call was always a worry when talking to another hero, when you get a call.

"Is he..."

"Not yet-" I cut myself off with a sob. I ended the call quickly, taking in shuddering breaths.

"(Y/n)?" Robin walked into the den. I shook my head, continuing to cry my heart out.

"I can't do this Rob, I can't." Robin ran over and hugged me, tears falling down his face too.

"We'll find a way to help him, somehow. I'll sell my soul to the Devil...pun intended."

I laughed, wiping away my tears, "Thanks Tim."

Nightwing's P.O.V

I was stuck, trapped in an inky blackness. While I was stuck here the team could be in trouble. I was failing as a leader, as a boyfriend.

Was (Y/n) giving The Call right now?

I had to wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!

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