Chapter 10: Future Tourist

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There was just four people at the cave today. Me, Nightwing, Robin, and Beast Boy. Normal day right? Wrong. This was going to be one of the weirdest das of my life, and that is seriously saying something.

"Unknown energy impulse," the computer announced, emergency lights starting to flash.

A large pod like machine landed in the cave, appearing supposedly out of no where. A boy stepped out of it, in a strange, hero like costume.


"Guess we know what the impulse was," Nightwing mumbled.

"Impulse I love it! Once word, catchy! Like Robin, Nightwing, (H/n) is...standing right there," the strange boy looked up at me, fear and awe shinning in his eyes. He suddenly grinned, "This is so crash!"

He sped off, like he Wally speeded, "BB, Robin, go!"

"What is crash?" I asked myself, Nightwing chuckled from next to me.

We heard a commotion coming from one of the other rooms, I heard something that sounded like 'limbo time!' The boy came speeding in again, Nightwing body slammed him, cuffing him in the process.

"Now that was crash," he smirked triumphantly.

"For you maybe, I am totally feeling the mode."

I grabbed his arm and put him in a chair in the interrogation room (which was proven to be power proof), sitting across from him. I shot him a glare and he shrunk back, he really seemed to be afraid of me.

"Who are you?" I finally asked.

"Bart, Bart Allen, grandson of the Flash," he said quickly. My eyes widened, "I'm thinking of becoming Impulse."

"Nightwing, call Uncle Flash," I didn't look away from 'Impulse', "If you're from the future tell me something no one else knows."

He leaned forward, lowering his voice, "You're seeing B.E.M again."

I gasped, before regaining some shred of my composure, "You're afraid of me, why?"

"In the future, you're the energy source of the end of the free world."

I nodded swiftly and stood up, he wasn't lying about that either. I could feel his heartbeat, even when it was naturally faster I had done this with Wally before, I learned the difference between natural and lying.

We just had to wait for Uncle Flash to get here. The kid- Bart, seemed scared of me, but I was even more scared of him. He knew my secrets, he knew my future, he was more dangerous than he knew, and if he was anything like Wally he would be a motor mouth.

"You okay (Y/n)?" Robin questioned.

"I'm fine, I'm going home. Have Dick text me the results."

I zeta-d to Blüdhaven and ran home, I felt sick, nauseous to my very core. I arrived home and slammed the door shut behind me, taking in short, shaky breaths. I sunk to my knees, trying to calm the storm that had only just begun.

"So...Center of evil in the future, you ready for it?" B.E.M questioned, I scowled at her smirking figure.

"Go to Hell," I mumbled then gasped. I like, never cussed.

"Sorry, I've spent most of your life climbing up out of it," she shrugged casually.

I shuddered closing my eyes. I could imagine her climbing up the rocky walls, her hair tasseled, her clothes ripped. In the end, it was me climbing up those walls, but right now, I was slipping back down. Starting to lose reality, starting to lose hope that I could be as normal as possible again.

My thoughts wandered to my Mom, how she ran away from that place, looking for a better life. She climbed up the same walls I was slipping down.

Then there was my Dad, the Lords of order were stiffs, discouraging love. They thought it would only bring more chaos in the end. I felt some sympathy for Zatanna, her Dad had been stuck as Nabu's vessel for around five years now.

"Do you know what's going to happen?" I asked B.E.M, my voice a hoarse whisper.

"No, but you do. Don't worry about that now, the grand child will deal with that."

I nodded and closed my eyes, something big was going to happen, and it was going to happen soon.


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