Valentines Special

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"Happy Valentines Day!"

Groaning I opened my eyes. Dick was standing over me with a rose in his hand. I rolled over and sighed, wanting to go back to sleep.

"Come on! We're 17, let's live a little!" Dick yelled shaking me, "I have the whole day planned out! I want to ride in my car!"

"Alright, get out while I get dressed."

After Dick left I changed into something nice and headed out. We made our way down to the garage where Dick's car was parked. It was a 2007 yellow and black Chevy Camaro. He really like Transformers.

Right after we got into the car I reached for the radio and turned it on. The first thing that came on was a love song, the next thing that came on was again, a love song.

"Freaking Valentine's Day," I mumbled turning the radio off, Dick glanced at me and laughed (his signature laugh that made me melt just a little).

After riding in the car in a comfortable silence we arrived at an ice cream place, can you say classic romantic? We went inside and ordered our ice creams before leaving and taking a walk in the park.

As we were walking a little kid ran past us and bumped into my leg, causing me to lose my balance and drop my ice crema in an effort to catch myself. Dick dropped his ice cream and caught me as I was about to hit the ground.

"Rest in peace ice cream," I whispered sadly. Even though it was really cold outside I was enjoying that ice cream.

"Come on," Dick picked me up and led me back to his car, not the ice cream shop. As we got in he began to drive back to the cave.

"What are we doing back here?" I questioned.

"Trust me," is all he said.

He grabbed my hand and led me to the zeta-tube, he typed in teh code for the Batcave (which very few knew) and led me through. As we reached the Batcave he pulled me to the elevator and brought me upstairs. There he sat me down on the couch in one of the sitting rooms and put in a movie before disapearing into the kitchen.

He came back a minute later with giant bowls of ice cream with loads of toppings on them.

"You're Alfred's favorite and he likes spoiling you," he explained as I looked at my mountain of ice cream.

A tune began to play and I grinned, "Beauty and the Beast?"

"Your favorite Disney movie (sorry if it's not, just go with it)."

"I love you," I mumbled leaning against him and putting my head on his shoulder.

Farther into the movie the ballroom scene came on. I began to lightly sing along to the song. Dick took the ice cream bowl from my hands and set it on the coffee table. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up, putting my hands on his shoulders.

"Are we really doing this?" I asked with a giggle.

"Yes, yes we are," he grinned before putting his hand on my waist. We slowly danced around the room to the music, this was our ballroom scene.

Once the song was over we sat back down, I abandoned my ice cream and kissed Dick swiftly.

"Ice cream tastes better from you," he mumbled.

"Dick Grayson!" I scolded.

"Do you think it worked?" I heard a voice whisper.

"I believe so, Master Jason. We have created the perfect Valentine's Day."

We turned around to see Alfred, Tim, and Jason leaning against the doorframe, smirks on their faces.

"Really?" I deadpanned.

"It was Alfred's idea," Tim pointed out.

"It was a pleasure."

"Love you too Alfred." I smiled at the butler.

"I told you you're Alfred's favorite! And you don't ever live here!"

"Don't ruin the mood!"

"Shut up Jason!"

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